noisy due to confinement? solution?


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Mar 7, 2011
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We live in an urban setting, with a yard of 6,000 sq ft, 4 hens. When they were younger they free ranged the whole yard. We finally confined them in the side yard so we could enjoy the garden ourselves without worrying about stepping or sitting on poo. They were let out to eat grass for half an hour when we get home early.

Lately they tend to get so vocal, actually mostly just the RIR, that we think it might be too much for the neighborhood. They are well fed with whole grains and vegetables we barter from farmer's market ( with feed provided buffet style), there is an auto door built to the coop, and the side yard has dirt, trees and shrubs.

I am thinking they are loud (not the egg sound) because they are confined and there is not a rooster. Is there any solution to this ? Should we build more vertical space for them? What kind of chicken toys could quiet them down?
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I think if you did several levels within the coop that would be helpful so it would be more walking space. . You could also hang bits of cabbage etc in the day so that they could have something to peck out! A child's baby mirror (the non breakable type) could also supply interest as well!
oh my girls make such a ruckus when they are locked up it sounds like some one is killing them slowly my answear to the noise can not help you as I just let the birds free range the whole yard and we just hose down the poo (i tell ya what my garden and grass has never been greener) but yes i would say now they are confined they are letting you know there displsure. i have teh bell bird feeder hanging in there coop fur fun and and i make pine cone feeders

i would say maing diffrent leveals in coop and run would prob help with there noise and maybe if you can an hour a day let them free range but then again that may keep the noise up and not letting they may forget about the rest of the yard.
If they have enough room, then make sure they have enough food, water, and entertainment. Bored chickens are loud chickens and can get very aggressive towards each other, too. Throw in a cabbage or treat ball in the mornings, something that will keep them occupied and working something over throughout the day. Even putting in brightly colored dog/cat toys that are big enough they can swallow them and durable enough not to break can help entertain them (rotate different toys in/out periodically or they'll get bored). Quiet chickens are focused chickens.
Thank you all!

Quiet chickens are focused chickens indeed.
We need to think of ways to keep them busy.
Hubby and I are building auto-feeder and auto-waterers as one way to make them do some work.

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