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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by dacjohns, Mar 24, 2010.

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    I'm looking for tried and true non-lethal and easy methods of persuading dogs to stay away.

    I live out in the country and there are no leash laws. I also don't want to indiscriminantly kill dogs that happen to come cruising through my place. I want to give them some reinforcement to stay away.

    I thought about getting a BB gun, should be non-lethal unless I shoot a dog in the eye. (You'll shoot your eye out.) Then I thought about a pellet gun but I don't know if that would injure the dog or just give a nasty sting. Then I saw air-soft guns (little paint pellets).

    Does anyone have any exeperience with any of these or other non-lethal methods and how effective were they? Need to have a pretty good range, at least 50 feet, preferably more.
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    I use a remote sonic device which dogs hate. My brother's Bull Terrier squints and folds his ears, so it's definitely unpleasant to him when I push the button. I got mine at petco. It was about $20
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    hot wired fence [​IMG]
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    How timely. I could use some help with this too!
  5. Pepper spray, but I don't think you would get that range and you would have to be careful about wind direction so you don't spray yourself. If you thinking spitting into the wind is risky, wait until you get a gust of pepper spray in your face.

    A pellet gun will penetrate flesh. An Airsoft gun won't do anything. A BB gun is iffy. To close and you could inflict a would. Too far away and it won't have much effect. I don't have any experience with ultrasonic devices, but that might be worth a shot. Electric fencing can be expensive and you have to want a fence.

    A paintball gun can pack a good wallop without doing any real damage and they are fun to shoot at other stuff (and people--if you are all adequately protected and they also have paintball guns with which to return fire). Paint ball guns have a muzzle velocity of about 300 feet per second, or about 200 miles per hour. At 20-30 feet, a paintball will leave a bruise on exposed skin of a human being. At 10 feet, it will take off some skin. I can't image one feels too good at up to 50 feet, but that's probably the outer limit for inflicting memorable pain.

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  6. mopargal1972

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    I use a paintball gun. Paintballs are non-toxic, they wash off easily, and they hurt like hell!
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    I think a paintball gun is a good idea too. And the above person was right about the pellet gun penetrating flesh. Maybe if the dogs owners see their dog has been shot with paint balls they will be more apt to keep them tied up? You never know:)
    Good luck!
    Oh I just remembered a family friend who did use a BB gun to shoot his neighbors dogs everytime they came in his yard, he said now they run whenever they see him.
  8. catch dog and rub poop on it, the owner will tire of washin the poopy dog and keep it home, worked for me [​IMG]
  9. 1acrefarm

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    Fence will be your best bet. Cheap walmart paintballs have thicker shells so they don't bust as easy and hurt worse. My neighbors started keeping their dog up after I put rancid fish heads in my yard for the dog to roll in.
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