Non-nipple and Non-cup Waterer Pictures Please

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  1. Hi,

    Right now we are using the extra small cheapy plastic waterers because they're all still chicks and they really don't need elaborate water set-ups in their brooders. But, they will soon be moving into the coop, and I can tell you now I'm not going to want to be going out there 10x or more per day to freshen their waterers when they've flung bedding into it so there's no water, but spongy bedding. ;)

    We're not looking for nipple waterers simply because I personally *really* enjoy watching my chickens drink their water. I just think it's adorable how they dip down and then fling their heads back and gulp - so for selfish reasons I want a regular waterer. That and we only have 6 hens and will only have a maximum of 10 (if that) need for some extremely expensive fancy dancy watering system.

    Can folks please post pictures of how you set up your waterers so the chickens don't kick bedding into it? We put ours up on a brick, thinking that since it was up higher it would stay cleaner...not the case. They still fling it in there. It's actually cute watching them do it but it's not so cute cleaning it out 10+ times per day so they have fresh water, lol

    Any ideas for a convenient fix to this and still be able to watch the cute way they drink? :)
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  2. Also - I know not to place ACV inside a metal container, but would a ceramic waterer work, or does it absolutely have to be plastic?

    TIA! :)
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    I put a nipple in the top of a 2 liter drink bottle, drilled a vent in the bottom. Not fancy, but the chicks took to it right away. No trash in the water. Easy to adjust the height of the bottle as they grow.

    You could put a water pan in when you want to watch them drink. Mine have a nipple system in the run, but race to the dogs' water bucket when they come out to forage. They seem to gravitate to the natural drinking source, when it is available.

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    I have 5 hens and use the regular larger size plastic water. I just put a cinder block under it so that it is chest level and not feet level and they never kick anything in it. It works well for my bantums and my large fowl. I clean and refresh it once a day.

    You can also raise up the one in your brooder to help with that problem. I have also seen people hang them off the ground for the same effect.
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