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    Feb 23, 2009
    I have two Pekins and all they want is noodles. It has gone from a little treat to something absolutely necessary for everyone's sanity. From the first break of dawn when they are let out of the coop they quack for noodles. And I mean quack!! Loud, obnoxious, demanding quacks- especially from the female who is skinny looking and it breaks my heart so of course I give her more noodles. And the drake chases me around, ready to attack until he and his lady get their noodle full. They are also a bad influence on the feral Muscovy ducks- who occasionally pop by during noodle time to get some of the action. The Pekins refuse to eat anything else except if they are really desperate they will eat some of the chicken's food. I'm hoping they get nurishment from the lake and surronding area- they are allowed out all day long. I know they won't go far because as soon as they see me come outside they come back to their yard (to quack for noodles of course).

    I'm not sure how much damage I'm doing~ Anyone have similar experience?
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    MONSTERS!!! You've created Monsters! I'd hate to be you when you run out of noodles!!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Oh the humanity...!

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