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Apr 13, 2014
I have 3 young chickens, one is a black sex link and the other two we believe are black astrolorps (can't spell sorry). The two astrolorps go after each other, not sure if they are playing or fighting? How can I tell which they are doing? They pick at eachothers feathers and they will jump on one another and "fly kick" eachother. The black one seems to just watch them and they don't ever go after her. Is it normal or should I maybe separate them?
I wouldn't worry too much about it. You don't mention how old they are or how long they've been together, but if they are new to each other, then they are just establishing pecking order.

If you notice any blood, then definitely separate them immediately. A small amount of blood will get continually pecked at and many result in a dead hen.

I have removed hens who were too aggressive. But it was after a long pattern of abuse of other hens.

Think of it this way, insecure people are often a pain to be around because they act tough and bully others (just like kids at school). Chickens are the same way. Some feel they have to constantly reinforce their dominance.
I got them from tractor supply about 3 weeks ago, I got them as chicks so I assume they aren't much older then 5 weeks and they have always been together since we got them an it just recently started so I assumed it was them playing but wanted to be sure.
My chicks, which are 3 weeks old, sort of "play fight" and actually jump on top of one another sometimes! It's just them sorting out the pecking order in a way.
But yeah, just like someone else said, if they draw blood you should pull the bleeding one out or that'll result in a dead hen.

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