normal pullet behavior???

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  1. We have a 9wk. old RIR who charged at another pullet (who is same age and seems to be a "she") and each time she went towards the other her neck feathers flared out like a typical adult rooster does to a threat. I haven't witnessed this in other all chickens regardless of sex exhibit this behavior sometimes? It wasn't a big deal (as far as aggression) but those flared feathers startled me. [​IMG]
    We did just recently remove 6 chicks from our flock so maybe there is a new pecking order establishment going on?
    So I'm just wondering if anyone has hens with neck feather flaring or could this be a rooster???
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    Yes, females will do this, as well as males. Part of the pecking order.
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    What ddawn said.

    Females will even chest bump!

    Because you removed some chickens, the whole pecking order needs to be re-established.

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