Normal rooster behavior?

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    We have a Polish Crested rooster that is about 9 months old. We have noticed lately that when we are out and about on the property he will follow behind you and when you turn around he stops and pretends like he pecking at the ground. As soon as you turn around he follows and it starts all over again. He hasn't ever come after us and doesn't express any other "aggressive" behaviors. Does anyone know why he does this? Thanks!
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    He could be following you thinking you have treats. If he's doing a sideways dance though, he's challenging your authority.
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    Nov 16, 2012
    So your rooster is stalking you, and then acting like he's not doing anything...that is hilarious. You should take a video of it.
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    Some chickens are just nosy and want to see what your doing, some see you as a portable treat dispenser. But some like to sneak up on you from the back to attack. I would watch him for a while to see which one he is. As long as he is calm around you while your doing your chicken chores and doesn't dance or show any aggression your probably ok but I would still watch him till I was sure. I have a couple of leghorn hens and a rooster that follow me around all the time and I can't leave the shop door open while using the saws because they will jump up on the table saw to watch me while I'm using it. I also have a rir hen that likes to play tag. Every day she waits for me to walk by and gives me one peck on the calf of my right leg and when I turn around she gives me this " what I didn't do nothing look". Some chicken like being around people some don't. All you can do is watch this guy till you decide which he is friendly or sneaky.Every chicken is different but all my sneaky I'm gonna flog you roo's have shown their true intent within a couple of weeks of the following but that's not cut in stone some take longer to work up their nerve than others. I have 7 rooster right now and I trust them all but I still watch them because their chickens and don't think like people and never will.
    If you have small kids Do NOT trust him with them till your sure he's just nosy. A rooster that is turning aggressive may see kids as a easier target and start with them. At his point all you can do is watch him and see what happens. I like to see if young cockerals that act like this still respect me by walking thru them and watching how they react. I just calmly make a point of going some place directly behind them and and watching how they react after you pass. All of my boys jump out of the way but are back to normal in seconds.
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