Not A Big Worry, But How To Fix This?

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The Angry Hen

Crossing the Road
6 Years
Dec 17, 2016
My Coop
My Coop

This isn't 'too' important...
But my Del/Dork rooster is VERY timid.

I can't hold him. When I walk in the coop,
I have to hold the door closed or else he'll push through when trying to escape!

He mated with another hen and the baby took his scare genes!
So now I have two beautiful birds I can't hold! Or feed!

I am able to pick up the baby (a hen) but not for long.
And when I pick up my rooster (after catching him) he'll kick me!

He only lets me pet him when he's not looking!
I know the "simple" methods...Read the following...

Including methods like feeding him and talking to him.
Showing him I won't hurt 'his' hens.

I have tried those! Thanks!
Let me know other methods please!

-The Angry Hen
I would go in at night and catch him when he can't see, take him somewhere in a place that he can semi-see and knows who has him. Don't give into his kicking, hold his legs tight! Repeat this every night, and as he tames down, every day. I have a Phoenix rooster that used to be like that, now he stands there, and waits for me to come pick him up. Do the same thing with the hen
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