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    Went out this AM to unlock the coop and one of my silver roo...was dead on the floor. He was right under the spot where he usually looked like he died in his sleep and just fell down. Eyes closed, wings closed, toes relaxed. No injuries, blood, no poo on feathers...he was clean and dry all over, and I looked for bugs or eggs under his tail and wings and there were none. No wounds and no evidence of any illness symptoms. He was just fine when I locked them up last night.

    There were eight birds in the coop additions to my flock. And they acted completely normal...they were not skittery or anything like a snake or rats had been after them. He was my most aggressive roo when it comes to his two little wives...when let out in the AM before he eats, or drinks he 'pays attention' to them...sometimes twice. He was a bitty little thing and he would have to chase each of them down in turn as fast as he could run. Since they were three of about 40 being let out he had to dodge and duck to avoid the crowd. Anyway, the morning before was no different. He acted completely normal the whole day. No droopy wings, no just standing around...ate and drank and wandered the yard with his wives like normal. Oh, and I know he was only a year and a half old.

    With no symptoms at all it would be hard to guess what was wrong with him...
    Has anyone else had this happen...?
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    I had that happen with a hen once. Went out in the morning, and there she was on the ground, as if she had just fallen off.
    Never knew why, and she was less than a year.

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