Not a normal colored EE chick?


9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
Durango, CO
I got an order of 21 baby chicks from Meyer 2 weeks ago. I ordered 11 EE's, 5 GB's, 3 BO's and 2 WL's, all pullets. When I opened the box I noticed I only had 10 'normal' colored EE's. OK, no big deal, maybe they only had 10. I was watching them today and noticed there is a little white chick in there with 2 gray spots on it, one on the head ond one on the back, with semi poofey cheeks and slate colored legs. Could this be my 11th EE? Any input would be really helpful. Thanks in advance! :)
I don’t know what a “normal” color or pattern is for an EE chicken. They are not a breed. There are no standards for them. EE’s are chickens that should have at least one copy of the blue egg gene, though even that is not always the case.

They are practically always mixed up genetically. They can be any color or pattern and any body shape. They may or may not have muffs or tufts. They may or may not have a pea comb. They can have any colored legs. One of my best ones was solid red, had bright yellow legs, laid a large mint green egg practically every day and went broody and raised some chicks for me.

I don’t put any stock in leg color. They are too mixed up genetically for that to mean much. But if it has poofey cheeks, you can be real sure it is an EE. That does not mean it will lay a blue or green egg if it is a pullet, just that it has a chance to.
That could very well be an EE chick with the cheek puffs, legs even look greenish gray in the pictures, can't see the comb. I have gotten solid white ones from several hatcheries
also one of our chicks started out with blue grey legs and they are now greenish at 9 weeks.
I have two EE Bantams and one is mottled shades of Browns, yellows and rusts and the other reminds me of marble he is beautiful and splash whitish and gray..

I was very surprised at first. They are both very handsome roosters. I call them Sargent Major O' Reilly and Colonel Potter. The Brown one calls revelry (figured Radar deserved a promotion) and reports to Potter. They are such funny pair.


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