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Oct 5, 2010
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ok, some of you may remember just a couple weeks ago, we put down our sweetest boy runner Lucky because he had prolapsed and the others had pecked him so bad, he wouldn't eat, he could hardly breath and he was just bleeding and bleeding. He couldn't be saved. Now another boy runner, jeffrey is prolapsed, bloody, but stopped bleeding, i seperated him right away. He also isn't showing the same signs of labored breathing or sickness like lucky was. i don't know know what's best, to keep him seperate and hope it goes back in itself? I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on the vet,which is way overpriced here. who's had experience with this? good or bad outcome? thanks!

Oh no! I was wondering about Lucky, too. I didn't know he was put down. Sorry to hear that. I don't have an answer for you, but hopefully someone else will be along.

Hopefully, your neighbors didn't do anything to cause this as I remember you were having a problem with them.
Thank you..I don't think my neighbors would, or could do anything to cause this. the meeting with the town is monday night. that's when i find out if i'll be granted a waiver to keep them. it's been so stressful and now with losing lucky and now possibly jeffrey it just doesn't seem fair.
I researched this for a friend some time ago. She had 3 drakes in a row this happened to. I found that most times penile prolapse is caused by a bacterial infection. I have a vet journal from the 80s that says this: "Penile prolapse in waterfowl occurs secondary to local infection caused by faecal organisms or Neisseria spp. (which can be transmitted sexually), trauma, significant changes in weather (frost) and excessive sexual stimulation." I asked my vet at the time and she agreed, most likely a bacterial infection was causing the problem.

And Dave Holderread says this, "Under most circumstances, a drake with this disability should be killed immediately. If the bird is valuable and his problem is discovered before the penis has become infected or dried out, there is a possibility of recovery. To treat, wash and then disinfect the organ with an antibacterial ointment and isolate the drake where he has clean swimming water. Keep the bird in isolation and apply the ointment until he is fully recovered, which may require several weeks or longer."

I'd like to think that if it happened to one of my ducks I wouldn't put him down, but I also wouldn't want him to suffer if I couldn't get him to a vet. I know how expensive a vet can be, (I am on a tight budget too) and you can only do what you can do.

If you can't take him to a vet, keep him separated, with clean water for swimming, food and water etc. use the antibiotic ointment and maybe the problem will correct itself.
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Thank you so much for the info. I have hime seperated now, with a tub of water and food. i have to keep him in the shed alone, so the others are all gonna have to spend the night in the run for the first time. i can't bring myself to keep him alone in the run all night, it's cold and pouring rain. thanks again.
Did you clean him up and use some antibiotic ointment etc? Can you bring him inside your house maybe, so the other ducks won't have to stay the night in the cold pouring rain?

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