Not an emergency just a question


Jun 4, 2020
My chicken ate to much pumpkin and I can’t say for certain but I think she threw up. It’s not poop so vomit is my next guess. Is this like people and sometimes ya just puke? Or do I need to keep an eye on her?
I can’t say for sure. I can see seeds in it and grass. The entire flock is acting normal ...they didn’t leave anything but the pumpkin shell.
Here is a photo


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That looks pretty normal under the conditions you've outlined :lau Incidentally, if you don't want pumpkin growing in that spot, gather up those seeds, poop and all and move them to a location that you would rather that they grow. I wouldn't even mess with digging a hole for the seed unless you think they might revisit them.
I’m not gona lie... that’s exciting :) May I ask another question? One of my hens comb suddenly turned pale this evening. She has been laying eggs for about a week. I don’t think she laid one today. Her wattles are bright red and don’t match her comb. Is is possible she has an egg getting ready? I worry constantly about these chickens!

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