Not banding babies


10 Years
Nov 12, 2009
White plains
Last night i went to a breeder. I purchased 3 Fantails. The man said he bred all 3 of them. This morning I noticed none had bands. Foys has bands for .35 cents. Why would breeders not band their birds?
Also it gives one ability to sell a bird that may be 10 years old as 1 year old. Without banding it is only the individual person's honesty that one relies on.
If they don't breed with a certain goal in mind, then it doesn't matter. Especially being a fancy breed. If they were homers or something else that could potentially fly off and get lost, then that would be a different story. Also, some people just don't know where to get bands, or are too lazy to order them. I personally advise everyone to band their birds, just for the sake of being able to trace them if they do get lost somehow.
H emay be the type that reckognizes the bird just by looking at them. i don't band mine, but I keep records on them. Mine are alot easier though because they are all different colors.
I would be swayed this way...

unless it was birds born late in the year and he had run out but I would only believe that if they were still young (yellow strings still showing or just that young look) when i got them
I only have bands on my 3 white leghorns. Everybody else we can look at and tell the difference. I put the bands on the leghorns because they looked identical.

Our chickens aren't old enough to breed / lay eggs yet. I do plan on banding the offspring for the purpose of telling the age of the birds.

WHY do you band your birds ?

Just asking to make sure I am not messing up . . . . .
We're talking about pigeons, not chickens
I don't see the need for banding chickens unless you want to keep records. I would mine but it's too much trouble, LOL. I would like to be able to tell how old all of mine are. They're all different so it's easy to tell them apart, but I lose track of time pretty quick.

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