Not Bumblefoot?

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    Apr 19, 2014
    I have an Indian runner duck that I just noticed is limping. She had what I thought initially was a large mud clod stuck to the bottom of her foot except it wouldn't come off. After cleaning it and noticing it was a black scab I assumed it was bumblefoot. I looked up many pictures and none seem to really compare. After removing the black scab it simply looked like a fleshy mass much like a tumor. There wasn't a significant amount of swelling around the base, and after taking sterilized nail scissors to more areas on it than I care to think about, I kept snipping flesh and getting blood but no puss. I poked with the scissors as deep as I could stomach and it felt like more of the same. Never puss, just blood and agonizingly crunchy flesh. She was a trooper, and I finally gave up (after a TERRIFYING ordeal with a huge spider crawling along my leg while I was trying to keep my girl secure) and flushed the mass with an antibiotic spray and wrapped it up. Is this a tumor or just a large case of bumble foot? Does bumble foot require the removal of a significant amount of flesh? From the step by step pictures another user has posted, mine looks nothing like it. Way too much blood, no center of nasty puss with a resulting empty cavity. Any ideas? The mass is larger than a cats eye marble but smaller than a golf ball. about as big around as a nickle maybe and protrudes about a quarters height from the foot ( would have posted a pic but after the aforementioned spider incident and with my lack of hands I was lucky to get my girl taped up and put back in the roost)
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    Although your description is very good, we really can't help you without PICTURES....
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    Did you ever find out what was wrong with her?

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