Not Eating or Drinking


6 Years
Apr 25, 2013
Wasilla, AK
I took my 4.5 week old chick to the vet today after being bit my our dog. I was super concerned that she was not taking any food or water and wanted to know what I could do for the pain. Was told, that the wound wasn't super bad or deep and it would heal however she had a lot of bruising and is very stressed and it was the stress that she was most concerned about. They gave her a long lasting antibiotic and was told to mush up food with some sugar and give it to her with an eye dropper. I have also put electrolites and vitamins in her water and use a dropper for that as well. We tryed that tonight and I think she took some but not 100% sure. How much does she need to eat and drink to sustain her until she starts again on her own? Can anyone please advise?

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