NOT eggbound... head down & lethargic...?


12 Years
Okay, so the crunchiness I felt in the vent wasn't an egg because Sunday she finally pooped and when I felt it through my gloves, it is EXACTLY what I felt... weird... crunchy. The poop was VERY dry and in a perfect ball, but otherwise didn't look strange. Which, I thought, was strange.

She is still very lethargic (maybe it's being separated from the flock?) and is constantly head-down near the ground, bottom in the air. She drank a good 1/2 c. of water all by herself yesterday and will eat if I put the pellets near her (and then she appears ravenous).

I also gave her some of the calcium chips yesterday (I didn't have TUMS) and she wasn't keen on them.

Any thoughts? Her poop actually looks normal now...? She's pooped 2-3 times since the first icky dry one...? Not sure WHAT to think of this.

And we don't think she's laying yet. Her comb is clearly not at that "mature" state and her little vent is perfectly pink. So we're thinking there's no way she could've been eggbound. We're wondering if the day we got 8 eggs maybe one of the ladies laid 2 eggs 18 hours apart.


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