not emergency but tough urgent , night and unknown roo in closed coop that is agressive and need to

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    Mar 21, 2017
    I don't know where else I should post this but since this is in fact urgent I see it as an emergency ..
    Today one of my hens was stumbling and limbing , this one is hard to catch during the day and has free range besides at night she comes to the coop to sleep .
    I already closed the coop counting the hens that have gotten in , I do it manually , have no automatic opener or anything so this is how it usually goes every eve , now a few hours ago I could hear a roo , but I immediately noticed that this was not in the neighbours yard , it sounded too loud , so I assumed a roo just got into the yard but it seems even more ironic .
    I always close my coop at evenings , not always at a specific hour I know but that roo was already inside the coop yet he did not crow or anything when the hens entered and the hens also didn't show any other behavior ( what the ??? ) and so I just closed up , locked it and now I'm having the issue there is somebody missing a roo but the worst part is that he is in MY chickens coop ! How can I catch this stranger and without getting harmed because I tried already but he seems to be veryyyy agressive ! My hens are also wining so they are obviously NOT happy with him , I'm pretty worried that if he does not go away right now my hens are injured or anything ... I know this is a funny ' emergency ' but actually it isn't to me :D .
    He tried to jump up on me and so I couldnt get near the hens plus coop is open and I'm not willing to lose my flock again to a predatory animal and the hen that seems to have a small injury on the leg or foot is not to be touched due the stranger in fact :(( .
    Is there a way to catch him yet without wounding him because obviously one of the farms is missing their roo and I d like to return the animal too but in one piece ofcourse .
    I live in Belgium and it is the middle of the night , so another issue is the fact I just noticed the lights on my neigbours is going on and off everytime he is crowing and he is now crowing more and more yet kept just silent when I was close . Anyone any bright idea to catch him in one piece AND without getting harmed myself ??? [​IMG]
  2. strangeanimal

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    Mar 21, 2017
    ps : he is in and out the coop and now constantly IN since I tried to catch him but he considers himself home and is sitting constantly on the highest roostingbars where I can not even grab him or on other spots inside the coop feeding himself and the hens even have nothing left :( but he is constantly so clever to just sit on all spaces he is way too hard to catch or where i just cant even reach him gr !!!! [​IMG]
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    Sep 19, 2009
    Holts Summit, Missouri
    Use a long board or broom stick to get him step in it. Otherise simply push him off roost with stick, then catch him on the ground. Everything written is as if you are scared of him and possibly roosters in general. Lots of details of situation also omitted and may be due to translation. What are you calling hens?
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    Feb 28, 2015
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    It doesn't hurt that bad if you get got really. More "scary" than anything. I have to go thru this with my roo every few months when he forgets I'm the big roo in the yard, lol. But I can grab him at night and walk around with him. I'd say wait for him to settle in for awhile and see if you can grab him. Throw a towel over him if need be
  5. BIggoMamma

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    Mar 6, 2017
    Put on a long sleave shirt and some gloves, get a box or a crate handy at your side, and use a fishing net with a handle, the kind of fishing net you use to scoop up fish into the boat. Better yet get his master/owner over to your house and tell the owner to get his rooster out of your chicken coop. If he seems really aggressive wear safety glasses the really mean ones like to go for the eyes.
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  6. strangeanimal

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    Mar 21, 2017
    hi all , I'm giving you an update about the situation ( not solved yet nope ) .
    First of all forgive me any spelling / grammar Problems here , English is not my first language and I'm better in understanding it / reading it than writing it , altough I can speak it well ...

    Secondly I'd like to mention I have a rooster and am not scared of roosters in general but if they are showing agressiveness I am very much indeed .
    My own rooster is now already long time on ' holiday ' , I borrowed him to some people living closeby because they are so eager to have babychicks but still they claim he did not do his thing yet ( so they say ofcourse )

    Now this one looks to be a barnevelder if I look at him , I always assumed these were not agressive at all ! ( my hens , some of them are Barnevelders and they are the nicest ever ?? ) .
    I am stuck with him for now because a : nobody claims to be missing a roo at all , so where did this animal come from anyway , he ended up in my chickencoop !
    I tried to get him on a cardboard by chasing him ( from the other site ) so he would step on the cardboard usually but this one seems to have the intelligence to know how that works out ( I am guessing the owners do that too ? ) he avoids it and turns around so nor I can catch him , nor is he on the cardboard , he usually flights straight back to the coop so now I've closed the door and tried to catch him again , I got stunned by his attempt to attack as he jumped up , that is one BIG animal if you 'd ask me ! I am small , tiny already and that animal is not only big , it is fast too plus his wings are not clipped , he can fly just fine so tried to catch him like this :
    first the cardboard , avoids it in ANY way !
    tried to just gently scoop him up when he was sleeping outside , he was roosting on the gate of the run so I assumed " oh this time catching him is going to be easy " nope , failure as I tried to catch him using a blanket over him , he didn't notice me first , I used the blanket and bingo , yes but he got away by kicking and has lots of strenth in his body ( don't really know where exactly I had him but I think I had him only with one wing because he could slip away just using the legs into my tigh and ran of back to the coop )
    Tried to get him out the coop again but bigger failure as he seemed to be very upset for the earlier catch , he jumped from one roostingbar to the other and back and just suddenly out of the blue jumped into my face ( I swear I am having a black eye and it is totally red , so Ok I look like a vampire with a nice scratch around it ) .
    He is also agressive towards the hens in my coop , well not really agressive but all the hens are more down than ever ! They can't eat because this rooster is always gone with their food , he rapes them x times a day and is brutal , few hens have their backs so scratched up by him that they are light wounded ..
    He is constantly chasing two hens away , I don't know why but he doesn't like Marans and Sussex girls so it seems , these two have just a restricted area to walk since he came here , he doesn't allow them to drink / eat or go the coop , is constantly in the coop besides today I managed to close the coop with all the girls inside so he can't touch them nor their food and water .
    I was hoping he would leave because he is unable to find food , water and hens but no he just stays , now constantly on the roof of the coop and on the fence where he is roosting yet he is alert constantly when I try to get to him and flies just up to one tree and gets down on roof of coop ( it is too high for me to catch anything there )

    Now a few hours ago my daughter managed to catch him in a blanket , same old same old we held him tight together and expected him to calm down but he doesn't , really , yet we managed to put him into a box with the blanket and we wanted to grab the box and tape it up so he couldn't get away but once we were almost inside it was already too late , he is really having so much strength in his body ( more than my own rooster , he is really the " rambo " of all rooster I have ever seen ) , so tomorrow I am having ' manpower ' to restrain him , I can't hold him , and if it doesn't even go with two we know we can't catch him , the man that comes to get him out is used to this as he is having the breeds with agressive roosters too ( has some amrocks and so on ) , also the problem to get him back to his owners is there by solved because if in case no one replies to the flyers we made to hang in the area this man is going to use him for his girls ( this is an old farmer with all the experience so I think we are good to have asked him this and give the animal to him too , where he will get free range in some way ( there are fences around the area but in fact he is going to live free range because that piece of ground counts for more then 20 houses , with a big forest that he owns )
    So , I do thank you all ,really very much but it seems we need to eat more eggs and bacon ;-)) .
    P.S. : the emergency went just to the doctor with the black eye , all that will stay is a little scar ;)
  7. strangeanimal

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    Mar 21, 2017
    uhm if a rooster jumps up right into your face I think you 'd say the opposite , really . I didn't see it coming ( that sounds in fact ironic , sorry , not intentional ) , he was in the coop on first the hightest roostingbar and was moving back and another bar just under it and out of the blue jumped just right into my face ! trust me , if that happens you are blind for a big 20 minutes till half an hour and your eyeball is totally red and underneath your eyes you get a nice blue bag as if you didn't sleep in centuries and you look like a great vampire with some scratches around your eye quit deep in fact . I was more amazed and scared by this and even angry but I have to admit it was very painfull the moment itself and when you touch it ( now still hurts )
    But , I think the problem of the rooster is more that he might have been out in the wild for a long time already because he is very powerfull and we were unable to hold him , we just had less power in our arms than this animal , well if we would have squeezed him harder he would have been hurt so it is not that he has more power but someone with more experience how to restrain him AND more power than myself can easily restrain him , I was unable to due his power and not being experienced enough to restrain a rooster in that way .
    My own rooster is to just grab by night in fact and he is calm when I do that , don't need to squeeze him or anything , I can just take him and hush him and he is fine with it afterwords , so to my opinion the issue is more to blame on having not enough experience with some agressive roosters and having energy enough to restrain such a big boy ( I have had one agressive roo in the past and he also had to be caught using a towel or blanket but that one did not have so much power as this one , altough the size was alike , he died during free ranged fly , ending up in elektric fences )

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