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Feb 5, 2011
so let me just start out by saying that my older sister who is 27 is still living at home with her son and me (im no better i know im 23) so the 4 of us rent a 4 bedroom house its not small but its not big either. my sister has a horrable track record with pets doesnt matter what it is she refuses to care for them but loves bringing them in i also love bringing in pets but i know when to quite and all of my pets are very well taken care of which include 3 cats (2 of which started out as my sisters) a tortiose and i breed guppies (4 guppy tanks) and an 80 gallon tank with 2 goldfish and 2 catfish. my sister right now has a poodle becuase about 4 months ago we got rid of ehr guinea pig becuase i couldnt keep up caring for it and she refused to feed it or water it or nething including buying food so i got rid of it becuase the cage was so unclean the poor thing was getting maggots in the cage and on its fur. 3 months prior to her buying the guinea pig she had a ferret who she kept locked in the bathroom with no weater or food and refused to clean the litter box i got the ferret a new home also less then a week before getting the ferret i rehomed some parakeets of hers becuase they almost died from dehydration becuase she would not water them and they had themselves mites really bad and other insects in the cage. right now she has poodle whom i take care of andi want to give away also becuase she refuses to even allow the dog to come enar her for attention without her screaming at it to get away. so as some fo you may know i was planning on getting button quail eggs to keep two pairs as pets bought all the things i need including an incubator got the cage set up (6 feet by 4 feet with a divider for the 2 pairs) stocked up on calcium supplements,and canned mealworms along with getting some extras like bird antibiotics,vitamins and a feather glow spray with aloe to help with molting feathers in birds spending roughly around 250 dollars. i dont mind want to make sure i have everything i need to take care of them. 3 days ago i came home from spending the night at my bfs to learn my sister has bought a male kitten that is 4 weeks old and is bringing it home in a few weeks. i am sooo MAD becuase she wants my 3 cats whom are 13 years old to stay locked in the absement so her new kitten wont be around them i was beyond angry and told her "you bring that thing in ehre im getting rid of it if i have to take it up to the animal shelter it goes" she "no it wont and thru a glass serving dish at my head and split it open. so i follwed ehr to her room asking her why her guinea pig had to suffer thru what he did why should could not take care of him and she said "becuase she couldnt she was working" well i said "your still at the same job with the same hours only now you have a dog whos crapping on the floor and yu refuse to clean it up" seriously she left 4 months worth of dog crap in her sons playroom on his toys before i found it and yelled at her to clean it up even then she wouldnt my mom had to! and the very very worst part is right after our fight my mom comes down into the basement which is my bedroom and tells me "we have too many pets they are making this house stink you have to get ridof your fish tanks and your tortiose and that incubator if your going to live here your not bringing anything else in this house 4 cats and a dog is enough"

ARE YOU SERIOUSE??? i asked ehr and 3 other people who have come into the basement is its smelled they have said NO my cats dont stink i have 3 litter boxes for them they dont pee anywhere but the boxes i got them a second hand couch so they would claw the rest of the furniture i clean those cat boxes EVERYDAY sometimes if one goes potty and i can smell it i change the litter. i change EVERY fish tanks water once per week and i do large changes(atleast 70 eprcent per week) not a single tank is cloudy or has algea blooms or smells like fish nothing they are clean and established tanks becuase i sell my guppies locally to people so they come in and see these tanks all of them they are not going to buy from dirty tanks! my tortiose is 10 years old and clean and smell free as can be i put her in a tub of water to soak for an hour everyday she does her buissiness in the water and i scrub out the tub with a speciel reptile cleaner EVERYDAY. they are not dirty they donot smell they donot distroy anything. my cat is 13 years old went to the vets for her checkup yesterday 3 people who work there were AMAZED at her age they could not stop gushing about how healthy she was not overweight,excellent teeth no build up they alll thought she was only 5 years old of which im super proud of
but i just i dont understand why my sister is allowed to bring in a cat and let ti distroy the house and im the one who has to get rid of my epts for her!??? its not FAIR!!!!! i yelled at my mom and all she could say is "well you know how your sister is" and "the landlord isnt going to like us having so many pets" yeah well im sure he would be happier with alot of clean none ditructive pets then a few smelly pets that are not cared for becuase she wont get the male kitten fixed she wont get anything fixed including her dog who leaves blood on the couch so this things going to spraying all over not to mention she wont clean the litter box so it will be urinating everywhere wont be the cats fualt it jsut wont be taken care of not tomention she wont feed it or water it or have it vaccinated she wont do anything with it!!! i wish i could move out i wish i had a better job but right now im babysitting and searching for a job. i just dont want to live there anymore!!
i do want to move out but the county i live in has the lowest unemplyment rate of the entire state and close to beinging in the entire US. ive actually had bussinesess forbid me from coming back into there place becuase i was asking about my application too much no one is hiring and right now i make 4 dollars an hour not exactly a salary for paying rent,and utilities. and i havent just tried locally ive gone to put my application in up to 2 hour drive away! right now i try to do as many odd jobs as i can find but around here thats what everyone does raking yards,mowing,house keeping,babysitting, selling homade items,helping people move,painting,shovling snow,washing cars, dog traiing, thats why i started selling guppies jsut to help pay bills and save money but i will get about 500 dollars saved up and my mom or sister will take it and spend it for whatever clothes,ciggerettes,lottery tickets toys ect. as wee speak my mom owes me well oevr a thousand dollars and thats not including the money i put in for bills and food for everyone.
That's a tough situation to be in. Not trying to upset you (or anyone else), but if you only make $4/hr, how are you able to afford feed/care for all of your animals? If it's tough to take care of them, I would have to agree with your mom. If you are able to take care of them ok & help with the bills, that's different. I would SERIOUSLY consider finding a way to get out on my own if I were you, though.
Nows not the time to get any more animals..wait till you are more settled in your life.
As for your sister..why not call SPCA on her for animal abuse/neglect.... maggots in an animals cage is just sick. She needs to have all her animals taken away and not be allowed to have anymore from a court order...
The only person I'm concerned about in this situation is your sister's son...The way your making it sound seems like he is living in unsanitary conditions...

Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude but thats all I can think about.
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i work at home and get about 50 hours a week i pay about 50 per month for rent my portion and as far as fish go there not exspensive to care for the water conditioner is the most exspensive since i do changes per week but i buy the gallons every months at around 45 dollars per 3-4 months. then cat food, cat litter and vegtables we already keep in the house for the tortiose.

im afraid to call smeone on my sister since i fear they wold take my pets too so i just find them good homes with the guinea pig i sent a 75 dollar cage plus 2 bags of food and medication along with the new owner all paid for by me.

my mom was MAD about the dog crap in his play room we had no idea untill my nephew said somthing so now im the one diligantly re-traiing the poodle to go back out side to use the bathroom i eman we take ehr out but i dont know why she was going upstairs other then when my sister is home she refuses to let her out so now that my job aswell.

no i dont have a ank account i hide the money in my room but sometimes they find it if they knew i had an account they would bug me and bug me and guilt me into giving them the money and so its easier to keep it hidden and only give them money for important stuff they need like bills or food and not junk.

i dont know how to get more settled ive been job searching everyday almost for he past 4 years no luck
You're 23? I'm sorry, this is going to sound harsh, but you and your sister have a lot of growing up to do. The vegetables don't "just appear" in your house - they are purchased. The $50/month rent you are paying is practically free. Most people are out on their own, supporting themselves by the time they are your age - the only way I'd accept my kids living at home by then is if they are full-time students.

If you can't find a job that allows you to move out on your own where you are now, you may need to look further afield. You should have your own bank account(s) by now and be putting your money towards supporting yourself. Once you are financially secure, THEN is the time to take on "dependents" (aka pets).

Yes, it does sound like social services should be called - this does not sound like a fit home for a child to be raised in.
Quote: WILL get more settled some day.... you wont be jobless forever..

What about schooling so you can get a better job?

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