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    Jul 3, 2009
    My flock began exhibiting symptoms of cocci (bloody stool and lethargy) shortly after being allowed out into the run last week. I began treating them with Corid 5ml per gallon late Sunday night. So they have been on medication essentially yesterday and today as they were all asleep when I first put out the meds.

    One EE 13 weeks old is not really improving. I have not seen her drink from the medicated water on her own and she does not really drink if I did her beak in it. She does eat if you offer her food. Mostly sits on the roost kind of hunched up. She does get up and walk around occasionally but does not want to go outside. She is the only one I actually saw poop blood before I started treating. I have seen her poop twice today and it was normal.

    She was the only one that really showed symptoms, the others never really acted sick.

    Should I wait a little longer or do something differently?

    All 16 chickens were raised together and are 13 weeks old. They have a 11 x 12 coop and a big run (which they do not like) They have sand in the run and pine shavings inside.

    Thanks for the help!
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