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  1. I have 5 rhode island reds and they are just about to start laying. However none of them go in the nesting box. The Nesting box is 70 cm up with a perch 30 cm below. I have put some eggs from the fridge in to help them but they are not interested. I also have soon straw in there for them.
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    The way I read this, they have not started laying yet. I personally would not use real eggs to show them where to lay but use a fake egg. A golf ball usually works well. I consider leaving a real egg in the coop overnight an invitation for egg-eating predators to come visit.

    I don't see anything else you are doing wrong. Just have patience.

    For those that don't know, 70 cm is about 28 inches. 30 cm is about a foot.
  3. Ok thanks. I will change the real eggs for golf balls.
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    I had straw in my nesting boxes and my hens hated it. I think it poked them and they couldn't move it around as they wanted. I changed it out for pine shavings and have not had any trouble getting them to use their nesting boxes since then. It is much easier to clean and smells better too![​IMG][​IMG]

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