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    Sep 8, 2011
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    In December 2011 I emailed, twice, and called, twice, to Holderrands about ordering a mature show quality male Welsh Harlequin duck. Twice I was told someone would call me back within one week about when they could ship one. NEVER HEARD ANOTHER WORD FROM THEM!!! PLUS, I NEVER GOT AN ANSWER TO MY TWO EMAILS UNTIL...see below.

    Just the other day, I finally got an answer to my two 2011 emails and this is what the email said:

    Hi Pat,
    As you can see, we do/did not have a Welsh drake available...if you want to get in line for Fall 2012, we recommend sending in your order and deposit early in the season (i.e., soon). Let me know if you have further questions. --Wanita at HWFarm

    From: Pat Simmons <[email protected]>
    To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>

    Sent: Saturday, December 17, 2011 7:43 PM
    Subject: Want to order WH drake

    I emailed you the other day and I wanted you to know I am definitely wanting a mature drake from you all, or one that is not a duckling. I have three WH girls and want to breed them preferably to a golden WH drake. However, if you do not have goldens, then a silver will have to do. I'd like one that is show quality, priced on your price list at $28.
    Please let me know if you can fill this order for a drake...when it can be shipped and what the shipping total is. I see that you ship through February, so do you think I would have to wait until then, or can you ship any earlier?
    Thanks so much for your time to my request and hearing from you. I really appreciate it!


    This is my reply to Wanita and Holderrands:

    I can hardly believe you finally answered my email I sent you in December 2011!!!! If you had emailed, or called me, when you read the email in December 2011 I would gladly have sent you the deposit, but you didn't and therefore I didn't know that is what you needed!!!!

    I am very dissatisfied with your email answering system and I hope it isn't something that happens to most people....the delay and the not caring!

    No, I am not interested in ordering in the fall of 2012 from your uncaring company!!! I doubt you would answer my email/order/deposit since it took you from Dec. 2011 until March 2012 to answer my first inquiry... and now you tell me to order again for the fall of 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will be glad to share this unsatisfactory experience with all those on BYC.
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    I heard nothing but good things about Holderreads. One bad point against them aare not going to stop me from ordering from them (I've never ordered but had friends that did).

    However, I find it appauling to see that the staff didn't get back to you on your drake order. It is bad customer service! From what I read from previous Holderread customers, I believe the owner is retiring and sold off all or most of his geese. who knows what will be next.

    If you can, get a hold of the manager or the owner of Holderread.

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    The name is Holderread not Holderrand. They're the premier breeder of waterfowl in the country & have been for years. I think they'll weather the loss of the sale of one duck ok.

    Edited to add: I'm sure the BYC threat will really scare them. They couldn't keep up with demand for years before there was a BYC. You have no idea how little respect the show poultry world has for BYC. Oregon Blues is right, they know who they're messin' with now.
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    They are a very small breeder. They own all their own breeding stock and do not buy in eggs. Numbers of available birds are small and December 2011 is far too late to order an adult bird for this season.

    The show quality adult birds are reserved far in advance. Now might be too late to order adults in some of the breeds for fall of 2012.

    I haven't had much luck with the telephone. My emails have all been answered. It takes 2-3 days. There is only one person answering emails and they have other duties.

    They don't send notices that birds are available until they actually have a bird available. perhaps they were sold out but waiting to see if they had a cancellation, and then they would have moved you up the waiting list.

    But yeah, I guess you really told them. They know now how important you are. Let them know you would like to have a refund of the money you sent them to reserve a bird, as you no longer want it.
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    I've never had anything but great service from them. I had issues (all my fault) with some Australian Spotted ducklings I ordered last year and they answered my emails promptly. This went on for several days. It was also in April/May so it was during their busy season. Yet they took the time to answer my questions. For that I think their customer service is great and I had no qualms about ordering from them again this year. I made sure for this year's order I sent in my order and down payment at the end of December 2011. I just paid the remaining balance last week. So I expect to receive my ducklings sometime in the middle of April. I have no doubts that the ducklings I receive (Saxonies, Indian Runners and some rare assorted plus four goslings) will be healthy and of really nice quality.

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