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Oct 8, 2010
After a dog killed all but one of my chickens, someone on Freecycle who was getting ready to move gave me all her chickens (12 hens and 3 roos). Gave 2 roos and 2 hens to neighbor as he'd lost all his chickens to dogs, too. Kept one roo and 7 hens. These are Rhode Island Reds and (according to the lady) just started laying this spring, however, since getting them here I haven't gotten any eggs.

They're just now starting to get brave enough to come out of the coop and roam around the yard, but don't know how long it's going to take to start getting eggs.
Normally I'd say up to a month or so (although some have been lucky w/inside of a week). But since the days have grown shorter, the weather cooler, and the moulting season has begun, I sure hope THOSE factors don't effect things....
It could take about a month. They also might molt first, if they haven't yet. Mine are molting now or just finishing up.
I'm in North Texas (don't let the "north" fool's HOT!) and we've only had a couple of mornings in the 40's so far. I haven't seen any signs of moulting...yet.

But it could take upwards of a month, huh? Okay.

I did notice that this morning they are finally all out of the coop and wandering around the yard.
Well, you should have gotten a few eggs when they first arrived if they were laying at their old home. So I suspect they weren't laying at their old home, which leads me to believe they may be older birds than 1 year and or in molt already. (Or you have an egg eater(s), or ?...the giver withheld some sort of information from you, in my opinion.)

In any case, chickens that are stressed (and a change of housing that big IS a stress to them) will often stop laying for a few weeks. Stress can also cause molting.

I wouldn't expect eggs for awhile. But, this is a perfect time to worm them with Wazine and feed good high protein feed.
A definite possibility.
Oh well, if they don't start laying in 30 days, I'll be canning a bunch of chicken.
I've nothing against that, but a molt can take longer than 30 days. 1-3 months

Of course, you will know within that 30 days if they are molting or not, because you will see the feather loss, and you can make you choice based on that.

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