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    Apr 5, 2012
    I have 4 three-day-old chicks. My Deleware chick is not quite pasting up, but I'm wondering if I should be as concerned as I seem to be. When she poops, her poop almost always gets stuck in the fluff just below her vent. It's not blocking her vent yet, but I've been cleaning it off (warm, wet washcloth) probably two times a day to make sure the lump doesn't grow to a point of covering her vent. She, obvioulsy, is less than thrilled about this activity, so I am wondering if it's even called for or am I being overly paranoid? I know stress can make pasting up more of a problem, so I don't know if my reventing it is maybe even adding to the issue.

    My other question is about water. I have a small chick waterer (screws onto a mason jar) in there now and I want to change over to a hamster/rabbit type. I can't get the chicken nipples locally, so I thought I'd try this (the waterer we're going to use for in the run has nipples). Anyways, the chicks seem terrified of it. I brought each over and let them get a little water on their beaks, like I did with the dish of water, but they are still going to the old waterer and want nothing to do with the new one. I don't want to take the old one out until they figure out the new one. Is there anything I can do to help them out?

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    Apr 3, 2012
    what she needs is a bacteria that she gets from a hens poop. If you dont have a hen yet, then mix yogurt into the feed. This will help stop the poo from getting stuck in her fluff because the good bacteria in the yogurt makes the poop firm so it comes out normally. Hope this helps
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