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We joke about it all the time. That we always end up with animals that are crazy. We had dogs that chew on metal things or ducks that think they chickens or horses that think they are dogs and will roll over for a belly rub

It seems all our critters are crazy even our chickens they will ignore a yard full of worms to dig in my flower bed.

My yard chipmonks would rather come onto the screened in porch with the dogs to get dog food instead of gathering up the sunflower seeds I put near their whole for them.

So I want to know is it just our house where the critters are crazy? Tell me about all your crazy critters Please.
We have a mockingbird that makes chick noises, a cat that used to eat out of the same food bowl as the guineas (we don't have the guineas anymore or he still would), and of course, Patsy my rough coat collie that is a surrogate chicken mama:

and Robert, the 'cow whisperer'...

and John David, the 'squirrel whisperer'...

I probably forgot somebody...
Oh yeah and I had a guinnea that thought it was a cat in would eat scraps off of the porch.

Oh and we got a lot of strange looks when our goat buddy used to go for long walks with us down the road. People passing by always did a double take.
Well, how's this: one day, years ago, I bemoaned to my sister, "Why is it I get all the neurotic animals? Why can'tI just have a normal one?!?!". I was referring to cats and dogs at the time. She looked at me and replied, "You do. They're normal when you get them, you MAKE them neurotic."

Then she added, "But it's in a GOOD way - very entertaining!"

One of my dogs used to climb the fence and walk along the top, because he saw the cats do it. One of my cats sleeps in a nest box, luckily, it's one the hens seldom use. Both dogs get on the back of the sofa to get better views out the windows into the yard. One of them washes my ears every evening. (I must get them VERY dirty at work each day!)

The other dog carries my shoes to various places in the house. Usually just one of them. He often takes one to his bed. He has never chewed them, ever. He just moves them for me.

The favorite dog treat for both of them is baby carrots. They know what the words "baby carrots" mean, and they also know they're kept in the fridge. Plus, they each get two, one after the first is finished. If I'm talking to someone about these treats, I must say "BCs" otherwise both will perk up and go sit in front of the fridge.

One of my cats once SNIFFED a candle flame. She looked pretty odd with sizzled up whiskers for quite some time. My sister took pity on her and said, "Linda, maybe she isn't stupid, maybe its just Zen and the acceptance of everything."
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Around here the animals are normal. It's we humans who are a little off kilter, and we embrace that fact.
Nothing normal is allowed to live here, including the children. It's an unwritten rule.

Goat thinks he's a dog, cat barks, dogs thinks the chickens are her babies. And I cannot count the times I have looked at each and every one of my children and wondered who in the world dropped them on their heads when they were babies when I wasn't looking.

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