Not sure about a few of these!


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Mar 7, 2010
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First is two barred chicks together, the one on the right is a barred rock pullet, or suppose to be, I don't really know what the one of the left is. I had posted pictures of the left one when I first got them and people seemed to think black sexlink, but it seems he doesn't have much comb yet, as he is 5 weeks at least (link to thread, picture number 2 ). The BR is just 4 weeks, as we were at the store when they came in, the unknown had been there for awhile and had gotten him a few days before. I don't know much at the sexlinks, but I know my RIR roosters are JUST 4 weeks and they are already very easy to see they are roosters. The EE's were the same way, so mostly just wondering!

The second picture is just another of the two of them for size comparison mostly.



I mostly just want to know what people think about the gender of this one. I am so hoping it's a girl as I have several roo's already, and I really want a Cochin
. Not that I mind a roo, we are trying to find one that doesn't want to kill us, but we already have about 5 to pick from!

Thank you!

I'm glad I posted, they just aren't getting rooish looking to me (especially compared to the RIR and EE roo's that are the same age, there is NO guessing with them!), they are just slightly bigger than the for sure barred rocks, but they are probably a week older. Today it was hard to pick them out from each other (have 4 of the BR's and 2 of the unknowns). None are lighter, and that's what I was thinking, the boys should be lighter. I'll have to go look in there and double check that. Thanks

Thanks! I did a little digging to find the hatchery they came from, I am thinking they are what is called California greys, or production blacks. I know it's still a little early for them, but it's still fun to try to figure it out! Of course give it two weeks and I'm sure I'll have another thought about it! Or they will start to look more roosterish.

the black sex linked on the LEFT is the ONLY one i would say you may have to watch for Roo signs...but the other 2 are GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS

and wile 5 weeks are then I was REALLY able to tell if they were Roo or Pullet on My Cochin and sex i think you are pretty safe

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