not sure but think 1 of my eggs quit


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
Shelbyville, Tennessee
i am not sure but i think one of my eggs quit. i have 6 eggs left in my incubator out of 11 and they have been through alot already with the mom abandoning her nest and then being put in a home made incubator with who knows what temps and humidity rates now they are in a real incubator and my temps and humidity have been stable at 100F and 55% . all of the eggs have very obvious activity inside except one which i can see the baby inside but it doesn't move. it just kinda floats. no matter how i roll the egg the baby goes to the top of the egg. did the baby die? should i toss the egg?


10 Years
Jul 30, 2009
Charlotte, NC Area
I would give it a few days more, and then check. After a few days, living chicks will show obvious development, and at that point you'll be able to tell if this one is continuing to develop or not by comparing it to the others. If not, you can feel good about tossing it. I have generally found my instincts to be pretty good on this, but I always give them an extra few days even when I think they've quit. They won't explode in just a few days.
Good luck!

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