Not sure if it is a prolapsed vent my chick has

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    Sep 20, 2010

    I have a 9 day old Silkie that has had poop problems since she was 4 days old. Been treating her for pasty butt the past 5 days, some days are better than others. I saw her poo last night and part was a regular poo but then out came a long string of poo behind it. I thought it was weird but just put the olive oil on her and went to bed. this morning it looked like she had brown poo kind of lining the vent, not blocking it and no mess on her feathers. I poked around trying to get the poo off and she really pooped a lot. I did the same thing about 6 hours later and she had diarrhea. It looks like part of her vent kind of hangs down but Im no expert in what a chick vent should look like. I've looked up photos of prolapsed vents and hers doesnt look like those because hers isnt bloody or red or bulging. It just seems like the top of her vent flaps down rather than looking like how an eye closes (I think thats how a "normal" vent should look like, right?). I tried to get pics but I cant get a clear one. Should I try preparation H on her? What if it isn't prolapsed just pasty butt? UGH. She is acting totally normal and if I didn't check her a few times a day, I probably wouldnt have noticed. Not sure what to do though. Is it just a bad bout of pasty or something more? I would love any insight. Thanks so much!

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