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    May 20, 2008 of my australorp hens will kind of hunker down, stomp her feet, and raise the feathers on her neck when I pet her or go to pick her up. Any thoughts on what this behavior means? She does Not act aggressive towards me or anyone, and she calms right down when I pick her up(never struggles to get away or anything). Odd? At first I thought it was a dominant display, but that didn't make sense. Then I thought it might be a protective thing, as I noticed this behavior shortly before we found our first egg. But, she does not try to run or get away, and she will do it in and out of the chicken tractor. When I pick her up she calms immediatly, then I will put her down, and maybe pick her up a few moments later. The second time I pick her up she doesn't do this behavior and just immediately goes calm/limp in my arms. Weird? I am just not sure.

    Also, what exactly Is 'broody'? Just staying/sitting on a nest not wanting to give it up? or what? Thanks in advance for all the advice and insight!!! [​IMG]
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    Mar 5, 2008
    she wants to be mated....LOL!!! I guess ur a stud....
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    May 20, 2008
    Oh my. Uhhhhh, hm. I think I am blushing. Ha ha ha!!! Wait til my husband hears this! Ohhhhh booooyyyy!!!!

    Thank You!!
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    I agree with cjeanen. it sounds like your hen is 'squatting', on the bright side, they are easier to catch! I don't know much about broody hens, but I know it's when they sit on their eggs and only get up like once a day to eat/poo. So they can heat their eggs. If you type in broody in forum search you will probably finad lots of good info [​IMG] ~ Kim
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    Yeah, she thinks you are her Master. HAHAHA! Watch the roo if you have one... Broody is when a hen decides she wants to hatch her eggs - she won't get off the nest unless you take her off and then she will go right back there. We just broke a broody Turken. 2 days in jail did it for her. Most take a bit longer from what I understand. The problem was she went broody on the one nest they all lay in. My Hiccups actually grabbed her by the neck and dragged her out of the nest so she could go in. Never mind there are 5 other nesting boxes these hens could use....
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    May 20, 2008
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] I NEVER EVER thought I would see the day where a Chicken was infatuated with me. ha ha ha... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Ooooooo that is beyond funny. Wait til I tell my friends and co-workers. Thankfully I have no roo to worry about. One rule my husband has when it comes to the chickens, no roosters. Oh well. So long as I can have my chickens I can live with that.

    I kinda figured that was what 'broody' ment. But I wanted to make sure. My hens just started laying - so hopefully we won't have to deal with that for a while. I am very glad to know precisely what it is and how to deal with it.

    I think it is funny that one of your chickens dragged out your turken from the nest box when there are 5 to choose from!!! I had to laugh about that. [​IMG]
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    Give that girl a nice little back rub to "scratch the itch".
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    Apr 24, 2008
    Ewwww...Why can't I say the C word, but we can talk chicken porn? [​IMG] Ok, our rooster used to shake and fluff up his feathers when he would roost on the chair in the house. I though he was peeved about something. Is this true or was he in the mood?

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