Not sure what to do about her.

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    Dec 14, 2013
    We have a blue Andalusian. She is very much her breed. She is a real stinker. We can not keep her in our yard. She goes over the fences to our neighbors all the time. Not a big deal to the neighbors, they love my chickies, BUT as a good neighbor I do not feel it is OK. The one on our side is the house that their dogs got into my yard and killed 5 of our girls. Thumbalina is a replacement of that. Very bad on our part to have picked her I know, no resurching the bread, I liked the discription and she is very pretty. We knew we were getting some more to keep our lone survivor from being lonely and just went to look, but came home with 6 babies.

    Going into the back yard is ok, he loves her and like to watch the chicken in the morning, part of why we did a low fence, None of the others even THINK of going over a fence. Just her. This fence is about 5ish feet. The side one is over 6ft and we found her in the side yard yesterday. That is not good. If the dogs had been out, she might not be here today.

    We clipped one of her wings, but I am thinking I did not clip it short enough. She is way too smart and not one that likes to be held or toutched. We can hand feed her, but that is as far as it goes.

    We think she got over the tall fence because it is catty corner to the fence she gets over all the time. I think she got up there and looked over the other fence and dropped in. She did not seem to be able to get back over to us, she was very stressed and did not try. We had to go and get her.(that was fun).
    We are thinking about running a 2nd fence above the back fence with chicken wire. something temp. We do not have issue with the other girls pulling this. So this is something to use durring her lifetime. How high should we go?

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