Not Sure What to do. Pipped 12 hours ago nothing since!!!


9 Years
Mar 4, 2010
Arbuckle, CA
Ok. I have 2 mallard duck eggs in the bator one pipped in 3 spots 12 hours ago and no more pipping since. When I checked on them at 5am I swear I heared it peep but I'm not sure now it rolls around every once in a while but that's it. How long do I wait before it's in trouble?? My son is hatching them so I don't want to loose the little duck he lost his first two chicken eggs because we put them in with the duck eggs and they absorbed all their humidity so they fully formed but couldn't turn to pip the air cell so I don't want to loose anymore. Please Help
I heard that it takes them a while and if they are rolling around once in a while then they are probably alive and trying to get ready to hatch but I never tried to hatch ducks so I hope somebody who knows about this stuff could help you
Talk to them--even sing to them. I hatched ducks several years back and everything I read said they were SLOW hatchers. Not mine, I talked to them the minute they started actively hatching (usually a few hours after hatching) and each one hatched in about 15-20 minutes. It was so awesome! I miss my duckies!!
You might want to pick away the outer shell with a tooth pick, leaving the membrane and see if he is moving around. If so and the membrane is dry, typically I will take off the top of the membrane where the air cell is and ever so sightly with a damp finger moisten the membrane that's dry.
The talking makes since anytime I move something over by the incubator (its on my kitchen counter) he starts peeping and pushing on the hole he made. I will try talking to him and if that doesn't work moisten the membrane some.


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