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My eggs are suppost to hatch today should I wait before I help them????? Im about to give up on this whole hatching egg thing
Not that Ive noticed I havent been home alot I know bad
but Ill give it another day or two. I dont hear anything so.. if they hatch they hatch

but my blue & splash polishes are doing good though
I candled them and its getting crowded in there. They and the Crele old english game eggs I have are due to go onto lockdown next week and hatch towards the end of this month Halloween babies wooohooo.... Put I will keep it posted and let you know if anything happens with my silkies. Know where I can get some silkie chicks next spring????
I am also attempting to hatch Chicken Eggs and it is around day 21 today and no movement, sounds or anything.
So you are not alone!

Try to resist the temptation to intervene, open the incubator, shake the eggs etc.

They often do not hatch on day 21 if the temperature has been running a bit low or the humidity is slightly off.

keep those hands behind your back when you go to the incubator, but talk to the eggs....they may cheep back or start to rock.

Good Luck.
Well I candled them again to see if I can see anything and nothing. Well no peeping no pipping nothing well I decided to see if there was anything at all in the eggs and nope nothing. They werent even fertile if they were they werent now.

So something must of happened when they were in transit or ????? Who knows but thats okay. I realize thats the chance you take with getting eggs and them being shipped.

Just feels like a waste of time that's all... Oh well will keep you updated with my other eggs. Also I was wondering with those ones should I put them in a egg carton??? Or leave them as they are on their sides????
will do that though when it gets closer to the end of the month I will talk to those baby chickies
I have one thats a little smaller than the others in development but its still moving do you think its going to be a runt????? And what are the chances of it hatching and surviving I know some people who have runts and theyve done well. Thanks everyone
Man!! So sorry to hear that~

I teach Preschool and every year we get fertilized eggs to see the birth....NOTHING!! Only one year, out of the eight years of doing this did I even get something inside them. I'm a fool and keep trying:p Maybe one year we will get lucky. I have talked to other teachers that get their eggs from local farms and they do lot's better, I just can't find any in my area.

Good luck on your next eggs! You will have to show pictures if they do come!!

nahh not a fool to keep trying this is my third time trying to hatch eggs
so it gets in your veins. Yeah Ive got the same problem hardly any local farmers in my area that have roosters. They have hens but that doesn't do me any good. I have a rooster but my hens have stopped laying for now I think its cause its theres less sun durning the day now..

But come next spring I will. I know that there is a Egg train starting in November the link is on my friends page look up Donnie on here... Its where you trade six eggs for what you want. I have to wait tell next spring then all my girls will be laying WOOOHOOO.. Thankyou yeah I will post those pics I candled them again last night and saw them move so keeping my fingers crossed




Oh that's ****! It happened to me a few times when I first tried to hatch (even with a broody). BUT, since then I have hatched plenty....I'm sure you will, too.

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