Not technically a chicken question...about too much DE.

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Hatrick, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Hatrick

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    Apr 4, 2009
    I'm freaking out because our dog got fleas, and in my panic to eradicate the fleas I doused the dog in DE, twice and then stripped the couch and washed the covers and spread DE on the couch and on the dog bed and's everywhere. My black dog is a dusty grey colour and I can feel the stuff in the air. AH! I read that I shouldn't vacuum it up unless my vacuum has a HEPA filter, which it doesn't. AH! But I was thinking I should vacuum it off my couch...WHAT DO I DO??!! Naked in an asbestos suit, open all the windows and vacuum anyways? [​IMG]
  2. PunkinPeep

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    Mar 31, 2009
    SouthEast Texas
    That's a hard one. I don't think i would ever put d.e. on the furniture in my house because it is SO dusty and gets in the nasal passages really easily.

    You might try just misting it with water to settle down the dustiness and then vacuuming, but i'm afraid that method might clog up your vacuum.

    Take the couch outside and then vacuum with a mask on?

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