Not The Ordinary Family (New Story)


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May 21, 2014
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Chapter 1
Meeting The Chandler Family

Addison Chandler is 21 years old. She has two other sisters. Ally and Amber. Ally is 24, and Amber is 19. They had yet to know they possess supernatural powers. They think their lives are normal, but they're not. Addison is a photographer, Ally is a waitress, and Amber is a dress maker. Their lives are going going to change in the matter of minutes.

Chapter 2
Finding Out Who They Are

Addison dropped her keys on the maple wood kitchen table after a long day at work. She'd taken so many pictures her finger was sore. Ally was upstairs in her room, reading. Amber was still at work. "Ally, Amber!" Addison called. Ally jumped, she was so into her book that Addison startled her. She ran down the stairs and looked over at her sister. "Yes?" She rolled her eyes. Addison smiled. "Where's Amber?" She asked. "She's at work still." Ally stated. Addison sighed. "Oh well I wanted her opinion on what I should make for dinner." She explained. Ally jumped around like a little kid. "Oh! Oh! I know! I know! Pick me!" She squealed. Addison laughed. "Yes?" She answered. "Make Alfredo noodles!" Ally smiled. "You always want those, Ally." Addison stated. Ally sighed. "But you make the best Alfredo noodles sis." She said as she poked Addison. "Hmph, fine." Addison rolled her eyes. "Yay!" Ally laughed just as the door swung open. Amber was home. "Hey, work was great today how are you guys?" Addison looked at Amber. "My finger is sore from taking too many pictures." She frowned as she showed her sister her finger. Ally walked up to Amber. "We're having Alfredo noodles for dinner." She whispered in her ear. Amber pushed her away. "Yeah whatever. Goof." She rolled her eyes.

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