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  1. I know I have seen a post like this somewhere in my computer but dang if I can find it again. Please help.

    For those who sell their eggs to customers, do you put a note in the cartons about your eggs and how to handle them safely? What does yours say? I feel the need to do this and wonder what people find valuable and what can be left out. I want my customers to be aware of reasons for unwashed, un-refrigerated eggs, possibly a feather or two in the carton maybe sometimes a bit of poop on an egg. Would hate to have folks decide not to buy because they didn't get the information.

    Thanks for your input.
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    When we first started selling, yes, we did give a note with information about washing, the "bloom" and other trivia. Everyone we sell to now is a repeat customer and there is more of a demand for egg orders than we can fill. Your customers will most likely be regulars, so, I doubt you'll need to print up very many explanatory inserts.
  3. Yes, I figure once we get regulars who aren't already folks we know we won't have to do it any more. I am just curious for the beginner customers.
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    If you are selling them unwashed, yes you should let them know.
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  5. I will for sure.
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    I would think the washing thing might be the only really important thing...if you don't wash/refrigerate your eggs.
    Maybe explain that irregularities are not uncommon and to let you know if they find any irregularities they might find alarming.

    Might also just put that any other questions are welcome.
    Let us know what you come up with, I would be curious.

    I've thought of doing this, but ended up writing a novella so never printed it out.
    I only have a few customers tho, all are close aquintances and they are all well versed due to my incessant talk about chickens and!
  7. I give the spiel each time but it would be nice if I had a "frequently answered questions" card to slip in there. I have some good ideas I need to brainstorm up some creative slant and I will let you know what I come up with. It will include the bloom and washing detail for sure.

    Thanks for the info, gang.
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    I I recently started using labels on our egg cartons. I felt it was important that I include the safe handling instructions that you see on egg cartons from the supermarket. Since the cartons have "our label" I don't want a chance of getting sued b/c someone got sick and tried to blame our eggs. I give them the verbal speech about them not being washed, and to wash before use. I generally keep the poopy eggs for our use.
  9. I use a scrubby to get poop of the shell. If it won't scrub off gently, the egg stays home for us.
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    I would think a scrubby would take the bloom off.

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