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    As the title says. its a skit. Im Putting the intails

    Balaam And His Donkey


    AJ: Donkey

    SE: Balaam

    AV: Angel

    LH: Ballack

    EJ: Israel

    LH: Balaam, Go to Israel And curse them.

    SE: As you wish...

    * SE Leaves, And LH Gets out of the scene*
    AV Stands In the middle of the hall, Blocking SE&AJ

    *SE Riding AJ*

    AJ: Eee-Honk * Stops *

    SE: Go on, STUPID DONKEY! * Slaps AJ*

    AJ: Hoooonnnk * Stays Still *

    SE: GET MOVING! * Slaps Harder *

    AJ: * Kicks Back Leg Up * Eee-HONK!

    SE: *Punches AJ* MOVE!!!!!!!

    AJ: Why Have you hit me Master,Have i not been A Good Donkey till now?

    SE: ( With no shock ) Yes...

    AJ : Then Why Have you Hit me These three times?

    SE: You wont Move

    *SE Suddenly looks Up, And sees AV Standing there *

    SE: Oh, Hiya Angel!

    AV: Go To Israel, But do not curse them, Bless Them!

    SE: Yes

    * AJ Smiles Smugly *


    *SE Looks At AJ And Says:*

    SE: Blessed Is Israel, And your God!

    EJ: Thunk Ya

    SE: Thunk? I think you mean " Think "

    EJ: Yup.

    *SE Shakes her Head *


    LH: Did you Curse them?

    SE: Nope, But a Donkey helped me realize I Was blind.

    LH: Say WHA????

    AJ: Yup.

    *LH Faints *

    THE END!

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