Now Bridge is acting like she can’t poop



7 Years
Apr 10, 2016
Santa Cruz Mountains, California
Can I give her this?
Well, shoot. She just pooped a little. It might be more that she’s not eating. I can’t tell. A small poop came out after I checked her vent. It was clear slime with tiny amount of poop. She’s isolating herself and acting like she has to poop. Would there be any harm in trying the stool softener?
If she's not eating then she won't have anything to poop.
I would not give her a stool softener.
Oh, and I’m pretty sure this one hasn’t laid in over a year. Still bright red in the comb. I’ve known for quite some time it was possible she was laying internally, but with the timing of Bagheera’s sudden death, it could be anything and may or may not be related. Bridge did flick her head once this morning like Bagheera had been doing, but yesterday her mouth looked clear. Her voice was off yesterday, too.

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