Now for the broody questions.

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    My broody went broody on tuesday, she went fake broody on friday, I bought eggs on sunday, and the eggs are coming this tuesday.
    So she will be broody for a week or more, will this affect her broody-ness?
    Will she stop after 2 weeks?
    Do I put them right under her, or do I wait 24 hours like I will with my incubator?
    Do I need to seperate her in a cage with food and water? I'm worried they will get cold when she gets off the nest to eat eat eat eat eat.
    Also, will she know when to stop turning and when to raise humidity?

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    DANGIT! I meant to put this in the incubating and hatching eggs category... SORRY MODS!
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    My pullet went broody & sat on a golf ball for 1 week until I goe eggs for her. The day I got the eggs I took her off the nest to eat and placed the eggs in place of the golf ball. She has now been sitting since 01/09/08. I go into the coop in the morning and take her off the nest so she can eat, poop and stretch her legs. Normally she is off the eggs 10 or so minutes. I do this 2 times a day. Once in the am and once in the pm. They know how to rotate the eggs and everything. It is amazing to see her do that.

    When my hen went broody we did the same thing as far as off & on the eggs and every egg hatched just fine.

    Good Luck
    DeeDee [​IMG]

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