Now I'm an underground egg dealer...


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Mar 14, 2010
SW Idaho
I'm on about 1/2 acre but I'm still in a subdivision so my neighbors are pretty close. The neighbor to one side has chickens so there's no worries over there. The neighbor on the other side seemed ok with my girls but to be sure I took them some eggs a couple days ago. The next time I see him, he starts telling me how the three of them ate all 9 eggs the morning after I gave them to him. He had a strange, yearning gleam in his eyes....
"They were so much better than store bought! The taste was wonderful! They were so golden and bright!"

I've got him hooked now! Gave him a "free taste" and now he'll be begging for more!
Yes, once folk have tried REAL eggs, they don't want ones from the grocery store.

Let him come round and collect eggs warm and he will be totally hooked..........

Show him how easy it is to keep chickens and you'll have a neighbor on BOTH sides of you that accept them! It's a lot harder for others to complain, when there's a group raising them. It's even worth spending a weekend over there and help them build a small coop. Maybe even donate a few chicks to get them started. Strength in numbers

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