Now that our chickens are laying, is it possible for the same hen to lay both white and brown eggs?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by MamaLisa1976, Jul 30, 2014.

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    Jul 22, 2014
    I read somewhere that you look at the color of their "ears" to determine if they will lay brown or white eggs. Well we have 3 white hens, a brown hen, and a black & white rooster. Our brown hen seems to be the only one laying so far, (They're only 4 mo old and we just got our first 5 eggs in the last 2 days.) The brown hen has "red" ears and the rest have "white" I guess. The first egg we found was brown, and it was in the garage. :D The next 2 eggs were RIGHT next to each other in one of the nests in the coop - like touching - but one was brown and one white. I figured we have 2 hens laying and they both laid in the same nest. Well we went to look today and saw the brown one sitting in her nest, and later we came back to find another pair of eggs, one brown, one white, right next to each other in that nest. Is it possible our "Henny Penny" (the brown one) is laying both brown AND white eggs?
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    Would be you have two hens laying. Hens like to lay eggs in nest boxes where other hens have ... If she thinks it is a good spot it must be so! Hens generally only lay one egg a day, it is very very rare to have one lay two. Hens also lay the same color of egg all their life, brown eggs may be lighter or darker in shade depending on the age of the hen or where she is in her laying cycle (they tend to get lighter in time), but they shouldn't turn white (there are a number of problems that will affect pigment, but it is unusual).

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