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    Mar 27, 2011
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    Here we go again - round 2 with the chicken flock and hopefully a little more prepared than last year.

    We started out with 2 roosters that were almost exclusively free-ranged, then added another rooster and a hen a few weeks ago. When we got the 3rd roo and the hen we built pens for them all, putting the original 2 roosters together, no problems at all.

    We added a trio of Japanese bantams last week and reshuffled the others a bit. The OEG roo decided he was going to fight all the other roos so we started looking for a home for him. (Between the Japanese hens, we're getting one egg every day already!)

    We went out this morning and got 4 more hens and 2 of the weirdest looking chickens I've ever seen -

    We got the new ones home around noon and by 3:30 we had our first new egg!

    You can't really see it clearly, but the new black hens all have top knots. The guy we got them from said they are, "Polish mix of some sort, I dunno, CHICKENS" so I that's what we have to go on...only 4 toes, so probably not silkie mixes. We don't really care, they're chickens, AND they're already laying = BONUS!!!

    All that's left now is to go out and catch Clyde and put him up for the night so I can take him to his new home in the morning. He has no idea, but he has 6 unclaimed hens waiting for him when he gets there. I hope he likes it there.

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