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Feb 2, 2010
North Central Arkansas
Just completed homemade bator, Temp rocking on 99.8 - 101. When I put the eggs in the humidity went to 70%. It is a 2'X 2'X 3' tall 2 shelves, top heat shelf two 2" PC fans to circulate air. I have not put any water in it. I have two 1/2" vent holes directly in the top that I have open, it has helped some when I opened both holes, down to about 58%. Am I going to have to have more vents. By the way I did calibrate my Hygrometer with the salt water before I started.

Thanks for any suggestions Keith
Wow. No water at all and humidity is that high???? It's got to be coming from somewhere. Is it made of wood? Normally I would say let it run a few days and see if it evens out...but since you already put the eggs in

Hopefully someone else will be along with some better advice!
if it is new wood the stuff I buy locally is pretty wet it took my bator running 3-4 days to cook it all out I live on the coast too and it is humid here 65% + all the time I have had to open and close the vents on mine to keep humidtity right
It is wood but it has been in my barn for 3 - 4 years. I just checked just now 7:30 am central and it was sitting right on 50%. I may try adding a couple more vents today if nobody comes up with a better solution.

Thanks Keith

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