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Aug 20, 2010
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For your consideration I have 6+ PUREBRED FULLY BEARDED fertile hatching eggs from my Show Quality Buff Silkie & Splash Silkie pens.

I will ship all I get from Wednesday until I ship on Monday 1.9.12 so please pay as soon as auction is over so I can ship them on time. Will be 6 eggs for sure, but last auction I shipped almost a doz and hope it will be that many again.

They are show quality stock NOT hatchery birds and are correct in every way! All are just gorgeous sweet birds and all have full beards, crests and full cute pantylooms LOL! I have been hatching and selling chicks from them and a lot of the chicks come out with vaulted heads as well. Shipping and handling is $14.00. Please make payment with Paypal to [email protected] With your purchase I can continue to buy feed for my feathered loved ones! They mean the world to me...and I know you will enjoy them as much as I do... God Bless!

At Lucky Pickens Farm we’ve been raising poultry for over 50 years and strive to raise high quality birds for show or just for pets. All birds on our farm are blood tested Pullorum/Typhoid clean. We see that our birds are kept happy and healthy by giving them the very best feed and TLC daily! We strive to breed to the Standard of Perfection on each breed we raise and all are purebred and kept in individual breeding pens away from predators. We feed a high quality, high protein all natural game bird breeder pellet with vitamins and minerals in the water daily to insure high fertility. We also feed a little scratch grains, Calf Manna and veggie treats which Gary grows in his garden. We LOVE spoiling our birds and it shows! You can see more photos of them on our website below. We are always happy to answer any questions about them and if you see some you like feel free to email me if you wish to place a special order of any variety you might like.

I have Fibromyalgia and can't work. My chickens are my therapy that keep me going, selling a few hatching eggs helps me buy feed for my little feathered loved ones. I gather several times a day to keep the eggs from getting to hot or to cold, to insure they are fresh and fertile for you. They are dated and turned three times a day and stored in a temperature controlled room to assure you the best possible hatch. All eggs are coded on which pen they come from and are no more than four days old when shipped. This insures the eggs are stronger to handle the shipping. Eggs are usually fairly clean, but may contain occasional soiling. I do not wash eggs but will brush of excess soiling if present. Washing can contaminate the eggs and may decrease hatch rate. Eggs are wrapped individually in a long strip of bubble wrap then nestled and secured in crumpled newspaper and box is clearly marked FRAGILE. I have found if I don't put Hatching Eggs on the box they get treated better also, but will gladly mark them that way if you so want. I've had very good success shipping this way. I pack and ship they way I would like my eggs shipped with lots of packing! We have had an excellent hatch rate on our farm ourselves this year as well as with our shipped eggs. However, we cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to circumstances out of our control. Rough postal handling and incubator mishaps will make perfectly fertile eggs not develop or hatch. Purchasing shipped hatching eggs is a risk. Please be understanding and know this when purchasing hatching eggs. ** Paypal to [email protected] **

**THANK YOU and Best of Luck hatching from Lucky Pickens Farm!**

Roslyn & Gary Pickens

** NPIP certified flock #71-0380 **
** Arkansas private PT tester #P601 **

My pen of 3 silkie pullets won 1st place at Yell County Fair September 16, 2011 and the Partridge pullet in the pen also took Best Bantam Pullet as well, YIPPEEE!

My Buff Silkies ... I just love them! These all came from show lines, NOT hatchery birds!

I LOVE this picture... she looked like she was so surprised to see she had laid an egg LOL!

From my splash pen you will get both Splash and Blue Silkies... the white frizzle cochin in not in the pen any longer.

Buffy Saint Marie is one of my buff silkies I got from Luckypickens, also have some of her beautiful cochins. She is only a few weeks old and and even at the awkward stage you can tell she is going to be a beauty! You will love them!
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Thank you Amanda, I just LOVE her name and don't you just love them in the ugly ducklin stage lol. I just sold a blue pullet that was sooo ugly as a chick that no one would buy her. Then all of a sudden she bloomed with the prettiest beard and hood and everyone wanted her then! They are just the cutest and today have hatched out a few chicks of both colors today. Also have a few lavender cochins hatch from my black split to lavender pen and a few of my favorite Calicos. Oh and 3 tiny Seramas, one that is solid white!
I know she is going to turn into a beauty! I have grown to love the ugly stage because it may be ufly but it sure id cute. Congrats on the Seramas! I have considered getting a few.

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