NPIP American Blue/Lavender Goslings -UPDATED!!

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    We are NPIP Certified!

    Our breeding stock is originally from Holderreads' Waterfowl Farm & Preservation Center.
    We have only a trio of adults to produce for us this year, but will have everything for sale, including the adults. We have one blue gander and two lavender ice geese. These will produce blue and lavender ice offspring. We cannot guarantee any certain color since we have such a small selection. We are going to allow our females to hatch their own eggs. This is an important quality for a heritage/homesteading breed and will strive to keep them as self-sufficient as possible.

    Our birds are raised outside on pasture to allow for nature behavior and increased foraging. In the growing season, very little supplemental feed is needed. We are using homegrown fodder as a winter supplement and they are taking to it very well.
    Our line is especially adapted to our hot, humid, ever-changing southeastern weather!


    This is our first year offering goslings for shipment, so it will be a learning experience for everyone. Since the geese are hatching their own eggs, we will have to be more flexible on hatch dates and shipping. This means we will need payments before the babies hatch, so that we can ship them off as soon as the chance arrives.

    The goslings are available for $40.00 ea. Shipping thru USPS typically ranges from $35-$50. Since goslings are so sensitive, we will only allow to be sent by Express Mail. They will be sent with a heat pack and Gro-gel to make them as comfortable as possible. We will ship as few as 2 and as many as 6 in a box.

    Place your orders on our website's form please.


    We collect, clean, & turn daily. The eggs are never washed. We only ship Monday-Wednesday to ensure none get stuck over the weekend at the post office. We package very tightly with an assortment of shipping materials, including bubble wrap, poly-fill, peanuts, Styrofoam, shredded newspaper, egg cartons, etc. We do our VERY best to ensure you're eggs arrive safely.

    As is usual with shipped eggs, we can offer NO guarantee that the eggs will arrive safely or within the USPS "estimated" time. We have no control over treatment during shipping. We DO offer alternative shipping options such as :

    USPS Express Mail
    FedEx 2nd Day
    Heat Packs
    Insulated Boxes
    Combined Shipping

    Email us BEFORE buying to request any of these changes. Prices will vary.

    Shipping Prices are set:

    $12 for a Medium Priority Box - 4 eggs will fit
    $15 for a Large Priority Box - 6-8 eggs will fit

    If you would like more than 8 eggs, please contact us to get a quote.

    Hatching Eggs are $15 ea - 6 hatching eggs left!!

    We accept Paypal, Check, Money Orders, and all Major Credit Cards.

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    How much is shipping? And are the goslings sexed or straight run?
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    Jun 18, 2009
    Atlanta, GA
    Shipping depends your zip code, you can PM it to me. They are straight run. We have three already hatched and about 6 more due to hatch next week and that will be it. So, if you want some, speak quickly.

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