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    Sorry for the double post...I first put this in the Local Laws section, but didn't realize it until afterwards. I'm going to try to delete the other one. I'm new!

    Right now I'm looking into becoming NPIP certified, and I was wanting to hear experiences from others in Texas. Basically, I would just like to sell chicks and chickens from my house, possibly hatching eggs, and eggs for consumption. That's everything, right? roll I emailed the guy up at A&M about it, and he sent me a couple of documents outlining the fees. So. From what I understand, I can be certified just by getting tested for P-T, but it's the fees that have me scratching my head. I have a High Hatch/Sportsman GQF incubator, so does that make me a hatchery? By my calculations, I would have to pay 100 + 100 + 300 = 500??!! The most chickens I'll probably ever have is around 75..I have 12 hens now and about 50 chicks. I was just hoping to get some practical, honest information on here before I started getting the runaround from the government.


    HATCHERY DUES (base on hatchery capacity) for period ending June 30, 2010
    (Hatching Egg Capacity including components and/or separate hatcheries):
    Up to 14,999 ……………………...…...…$ 100.00 $__________
    15,000 to 99,999 …………………………$ 300.00 $__________
    100,000 – 249,000 ……………………….$ 500.00 $__________
    250,000 and over ………………………$ 1500.00 $__________

    INDEPENDENT FLOCK OWNER DUES (NPIP participants only) (same period)
    Chicken Flock Owners …….……………………..……$100.00 $__________
    Turkey Flock Owners …………………….……….…...$100.00 $__________

    (same period) ………………………………….........…$300.00 $__________

    CHICK AND POULTRY DEALER DUES (without hatchery)
    (same period) ……………………………….……...….. $100.00 $__________

    (same period) …………………...................................... $100.00 $__________

    AI Indemnification Program (in addition to NPIP participants for testing programs)
    (same period)………………………………….………...$100.00 $_________

    AUTHORIZED AGENTS ($15.00 per Agent per year)
    a. Authorized Agent (Collects NPIP whole blood and egg samples for official testing at authorized laboratories)(A.I. program current NPIP Blood Sampling)

    _______________________ _______________________
    _______________________ _______________________ ….… $_________
    TOTAL $__________
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    Wow, thats expensive . . .

    Id say you are a "independant chicken flock owner", and not a "hatchery" . . . so theres -$100

    And Id try to get the "commercial egg dealer" instead of the "hatching egg dealer", I mean thats GOTTA be a misprint . . . $300 to sell fertile eggs??? [​IMG]

    Are these 1-time fees, or due each year?
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    I also have been getting confusing information about NPIP. I was told that the fee would be $75.00 - $100.00 for my operation.
    But, then they said I would have to have an approved avian vet do disease testing every 3 or 4 months at my expense. They said this could run as high as $5.00 per bird. All birds 16 weeks and over were to be tested.
    I would have to do complete bio-security, no new birds except for what I hatch, unless it comes from another NPIP certified operation.
    I could not sell any birds that had not been tested, and not sell any eggs from any hens that had not been tested.
    In order to sell eggs for human consumption, I would have to get a certification from USDA. That would involve them testing eggs for transmittable diseases at regular intervals. I did not get into the fees for that, I had heard enough by that point.
    I would still have to get the PT test done as I do now.

    I have also been told that it is free, and also that it is only a yearly fee with no testing having to be done other than the P/T.

    I haven't gotten any straight I do what I know is legal, and I don't have any problems with USDA or TAHC.

    This is a short version of what I know to be fact:
    I do what I have been doing for years. I get my PT test done every year (USDA does this), I pay a fee to Texas Animal Health Commission for a certificate of registration for domestic and exotic fowl. (The fee is based on the number of birds you have). An agent comes out and inspects every year before my certificate expires (free).
    I can sell fertile hatching eggs, what they do with them after they buy them is their business. I have to use clean cartons and if I put eggs in used cartons, I have to have a label on them saying that they are ungraded and where they are produced.
    (If you pay a yearly $25.00 fee for the P/T papers, you can ship eggs out of state, and transport birds out of state as long as you are in compliance with that states laws)
    I can take chickens to any small animal auction, flea market, etc. within Texas to sell them.
    I can't sell them to a feed store for them to re-sell without being NPIP certified, unless the feed store has a P/T test and a certificate of registration from TAHC in the business' name.

    If you only intend to sell from your house and never take your birds or eggs anywhere else to sell them, all you need is the yearly P/T test, which is free.
    You do not need anything else in order to sell from your home.

    If you intend to sell extras or hatching eggs at an auction or flea market, etc., you will need the P/T test and the Certificate from TAHC. If you only plan on having around 75 birds, the cost is $25.00 a year. That price is for up to 99 birds.

    If you want to chat more about the info you have and what I have, you can email me or PM me. I am always trying to find out more information on this subject. Maybe one day the USDA and TAHC will actually talk to one another and come to one decision.

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    As luck would have it, the inspector from TAHC is coming to my place tomorrow to test my birds.
    Here is what he told me:
    No fee for testing and he does it on premises so results are known immediately.
    Process takes about 30 minutes.
    Testing is free unless you want a permit to take the birds across state lines for show(which I do)-that costs $25.
    He said it was a very quick and easy process.
    I called yesterday and he called me back about 10 minutes later and told me he would be in my area tomorrow-talk about fast service!
    I have been frantically trying to get everything ready for him(want it all perfect [​IMG]) and that is almost impossible with all of the rain we are getting off of Alex.
    PM me if you want the guy for this area's phone number and name anyone in SETX.
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    Great Topic, and THANKS for all the great info.

    Not an issue now, but part of those Someday plans.
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    Thanks for the post, I needed the information. Thanks Grandfatherjwv
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    I have not attempted to contact them pullets began to lay in July but just 6 of them are laying at this time...have 3 others trying to lay but so far it is very spotty. It is my understanding they just test those who are sexually mature?
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    Boo-Boo's Mama :

    I have not attempted to contact them pullets began to lay in July but just 6 of them are laying at this time...have 3 others trying to lay but so far it is very spotty. It is my understanding they just test those who are sexually mature?

  9. Boo-Boo's Mama

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    Never got around to having my flock tested; just sold eggs from my house. Recently moved and may try to sell at Farmer's Market. Does anyone know who I need to contact about testing in Tom Green County, Texas?
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    Hi i have the state pt test with the state of Texas, last year i had over 100 birds and some love birds, it cost me $100.00 and this year i under 100 birds so it only cost me $35.00 , I have an incubator that holds 396 chicken eggs and there was no extra cost for hatching eggs. you should call the state animal heath commision and they will tell you what and who to contact. Good Luck

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