NPIP certification in Texas

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    I've been looking around the forum, search, etc and I'm just getting more confused. I saw a few posts that had good information but I couldn't figure out which options would apply to me.

    So here goes: My birds are still young so I've got a while but I would really like to be able to sell hatching eggs, etc and want to know more about the NPIP certification and how much it costs. I saw one post that listed several fees and things if you're this or that but I wasn't sure how to read it. So if it's ok I'd like to just list what I want to be able to do and see if you guys know what I would need as far as certification goes.

    I would like to:
    Sell adult chickens as well as chicks, locally and shipped
    Sell hatching eggs, locally and shipped
    Sell eggs for eating, probably not as many of these

    I've only got 23 chickens right now and not sure how many are actually hens, I'm guessing around 18 are hens. I won't be a real big operation or anything. I'll probably have less than 200 birds and most of those would be ones I keep, not actually for sale. I won't be selling chickens already processed. I'll already have a hard time doing this for my own consumption, there's no way I'm doing it more than necessary.

    I'm in East Texas, super close to Louisianna.

    Can anyone help me out on this?

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