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    Feb 17, 2015
    New Richmond WI
    Hi all!
    Hopefully this is the right place to post this.
    I've recently decided to venture into the world of rare breed chickens, but I have a few questions about raising and selling them for profit. Hopefully someone out there can help!
    I've read that in Wisconsin it is no longer necessary to be NPIP certified and instead you can just apply to become a Wisconsin Tested Flock. That's all well and good but does anyone know or have experience what most feed stores require before purchasing chicks from a small breeder? Should I just focus on NPIP to cover all my bases? Is it really complicated and/or expensive to become NPIP certified?
    Anyone out there know the regulations if selling to Minnesota? I live on the border so I'm thinking it would open up my customer base to be compliant with both states regulations. WHEW... Ok so more than a few questions! I'm really excited to consider breeding chickens but want to get all my ducks. (Or in this case chicks) in a row! Any other words of advice or tips are appreciated!
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    Mar 3, 2014
    I'm in new richmond too. I have the same question!
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    Feb 17, 2015
    New Richmond WI
    That's awesome that your in New Richmond too!! What kind of birds are you raising? I've found a few answers to my question by emailing one of the state ag reps. Hope this info can help you too! This is what she said:


    First off you need a livestock premises number, which you may already have. You can register your premises online at or call 888-808-1910 and they can help you over the phone. There is no cost to register your premises and are renewed every 3 years.

    In regard to the NPIP program, the annual requirements are as follows:

    1. File a complete application each year.

    2. Pay the appropriate fee (see application form attached). It sounds like your birds would fall under the $40 Fanciers/Exhibition fee

    3. File a VS Form 9-2 test report, with test results of the adult birds (4 months of age and older) in your flock for Salmonella pullorum and Mycoplasma gallisepticum in the case of turkeys. Testing must be done by an approved tester at your expense and a copy of the results must be submitted with the application.

    4. Allow your hatching facility to be inspected once a year by the department to insure that proper standards of cleanliness and sanitation are met.

    5. Include your Livestock Premises Code. If you do not have a Livestock Premise Code, you can register your premises at or call the WLIC for an application; their phone number is (888) 808-1910.

    6. Purchased birds from non-NPIP sources must be isolated and tested before introducing to your existing flock.

    7. The NPIP certificate expires June 30th each year. So if you apply this spring it would expire June 30, 2016. A renewal application would be mailed out next spring.

    We also have the "Wisconsin Tested Flock" program which does not require an annual fee, just that you test all of your adult birds (4 months of age and older) (6 months of age and older for turkeys). The poultry tester would fill in the results of the pullorum tests on the Wis Tested Flock application. There is no inspection for this program. This is for people that only plan to sell birds in Wisconsin. If you plan to sell birds out of state, many states require that the birds would come from an NPIP certified flock.
    Here is Minnesota's website for information on their import regulations: I believe that Minnesota requires an import permit.

    Sales of birds/eggs would need to be recorded on a form from us and reported to us regularly on both the NPIP and Wis Tested Flock programs.

    Here is the link to find a certified pullorum tester to test your birds: We are not involved in what the certified pullorum tester charges for the test.
    Also, if you think you might want to test your own birds, we are having a pullorum tester training seminar on April 9, 2015 (see attached). Although, if you have only a few birds, it would probably be cheaper to just have someone else test your birds as the antigen for testing the birds comes in only one size bottle for 1,000 tests and costs over $100 and expires usually in 1-2 years.

    Also, to answer your question about testing, all birds (4 months of age and older) (6 months of age and older for turkeys) need to be tested for the NPIP program each year. NPIP does provide that you can test 10% less each year, but the minimum to test is 30 birds per pen or house. Once your flock is on the NPIP, the chicks that hatch don't need to be tested until the next year where they will be tested with the rest of the flock.

    I hope this answers all your questions, if not, feel free to email me or give me a call.

    Margie Proost
    WDATCP-Division of Animal Health
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    Jun 28, 2010
    so every sale swap is requiring this but you say the birds must be in your flock to sell.......example : seller Illinois buys birds in Wisconsin at open swap no papers or idea of heatlh ect then takes them to an auction under his certification is that breaking the rules and guidelines would like to know feed back......because it happens every week chickens turkeys ect.....
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    Mar 6, 2014
    Theoretically if he bought birds at a sale in WI, there would be paperwork to go with them, as sellers at auction/swap are not permitted to sell without the proper paperwork (test papers, Wisconsin Tested Flock certification, etc) which must be shown at the gate. The rest would depend on Illinois regulations for bringing poultry across state borders, if they accept *** program, or if they must be tested before entering their state.
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    I just saw this post and wanted to say hello from Amery [​IMG]

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