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    I have a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. Hes about 10 months Old. Offering for stud services. $150 non registered dogs, $200 Registered.
    I have yet to send his papers in I was debating on using him for stud. That is something on my to do list... heres a picture

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    Oct 3, 2008
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    He's a beauty! We've got a 12 year old Australian Shepherd female, but she's fixed. If you stud him, let me know - I might buy a puppy.

    Just curious - does he do ok with the chickens? We let our girl out in the morning and then she's in for the afternoon while the chickens are out. She's ok with them if we're out- just not sure if I can trust her 100% yet.
  3. pamperedpoultry

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    All but 3 of my chickens are caged. He dosent pay any attention to the 3 at all. But I had some get out twice the first time him and my other Aussie chased one hen they grabbed at her but never broke the skin I think they "Played" a lil rough and she died of shock. The second time I had a trio get out and I caught him chaseing them. Needless to say both times he got his butt whooped pretty bad. So far he's not messed with any others that have excaped or the ones that run around. I would't trust him 100% around them. I dont think he chases to kill he chases for the fun and to hurd but plays a lil rough when he catches. I'll let ya know if and when he has any pups on the ground...

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