Nutrena Feather Fixer

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    I have been using the feather fixer feed for 2 weeks now, my chickens came down with a few things that really kicked the snot out of them (worms,mites,molt) it was awful needles to say I treated as necessary but they were still looking poorly, my normal feed supplier was out of what I was using at the time so I had to go to the other co op well turns out the lady that works there was my third grade school teacher (that's always lovely) she told me about the product and with some hesitation at the price I bought 2 bags. at the time the chickens were laying NO eggs, and half naked, 3 days in I could see little feather sprouts 5 days in I got 2 eggs a weeks in they stopped acting like they were starving to death, egg production was up a lil more and all had new feathers starting, today im up to 9-14 eggs a day all are almost feathered fresh again and perky as ever I love this product and its all vegetarian diet and 18% protein and can be feed as a main feed year round. I also have a mating pair of rescued pheasant that's feathers were all messed up male had awful looking tail, his tail is now back and her feathers on her back are regrown Hope this helps out!

    heres some info on it for those that are having a hard time finding anything out or even finding the product

    Feather Fixer[​IMG] with Mite-Fighter[​IMG] Technology is a unique and innovative life-stage product that can also be fed year round if desired. It solves two big problems: what to feed your flock to help them get through molt quicker and helping to prevent mites.
    • Optimal protein and energy levels for chickens regrowing feathers
    • Mite-Fighter[​IMG] technology helps prevent mite infestation
    • Organic trace minerals support feather regrowth and eggshell strength
    • Added prebiotics and probiotics support proper digestion and nutrient absorption
    • Natural source of greens for periods when grass is limited
    • Tagetes (Aztec marigold) extract for golden yolks
    • Proprietary blend of nutrients naturally supports the immune system and overall health of your flock
    How does Mite-Fighter[​IMG] technology work?
    • Mite-Fighter[​IMG] is a natural, proprietary ingredient that is not a chemical or a drug.
    • The Mite-Fighter[​IMG] ingredient passes through the digestive system of the chicken and is excreted in the feces, making the area around the vent inhospitable for mites and helping to deter mite infestations.
    • The Mite-Fighter[​IMG] ingredient has no effect on rate of lay, egg quality, egg safety for consumption, or meat quality.
    About Molting & Mites:
    • All hens and roosters experience molt, the normal, natural process of losing and regrowing feathers.
    • Molt’s purpose is to supply chickens with fresh, new feathers. Read more about molt in our Knowledge Center.
    • Mites are external parasites that all poultry are highly susceptible to.
    Comments from users:
    • “Some of the chickens grew their feathers back very quickly, faster than I have ever seen before. I would definitely use it again.” - Mike H
    • “The rate at which feathers re-grew and egg production returned was unbelievable. We had eggs within 2 weeks of feeding the product.” - Andy W.
    • "My chickens were quicker to re-feather by about 1 week faster than normal.” - Kristi P
    • “When we began using Mite-Fighter technology on a flock with significant mites present, we immediately noticed a reduction in mites. In subsequent flocks, we are using it before infestation and to this point have not seen mites develop as in the past.” - Brad L.
    {C} {C}{C}
    Nutrient Level
    Crude Protein 18.0%
    Lysine 0.75%
    Methionine 0.35%
    Crude Fat 4.0%
    Crude Fiber 6.0%
    Calcium 3.7 - 3.9%
    Phosphorus 0.45%
    Salt 0.25 - 0.65%
    Sodium 0.15 - 0.23%
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    May 28, 2013
    Hi, I live in Florida and have a small flock of seven. I am trying a bag of the pellets. I do not see a lot of difference other than by hens took time to get used to the pellets versus crumbles. Maybe they will have to be on it for a couple months to see any difference. It is rather expensive as chicken feed goes.
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    It's about 50 cents more than Purina here, but the pluses are higher protein, alfalfa meal & probiotics. Don't know yet if it will do any good.
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    "Mite-Fighter[​IMG] is a natural, proprietary ingredient that is not a chemical or a drug."

    They say it's safe....but if they can say 'no withholding', why can't they list the ingredient?
    If it's 'natural' then it can't be proprietary.

    Things that make ya go ...Hmmmmm....
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    If it's a blend of natural ingredients, they can consider it proprietary. I'm hoping Miss Olive looks better on this feed.
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    Sep 4, 2013
    So is anyone feeding Feather Fixer seeing any difference in their flock yet ?
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    Jul 29, 2013
    My gals have only been on it a few weeks, I think it's too soon to tell yet. Plus they are molting right now.
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    Does anybody know if it comes in crumble form?
  9. mrchicks

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    Jul 29, 2013
    My TSC only carries the pellets. They weren't too sure about it for the first few days, but now they love it.
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    THere is a link on where to buy it. On their site. I think it's

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