Nutritional values of live mealworms

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    I've been trying to the nutritional content of live meal worms pups and beetles. Some sources say omly10% protein up to 56%. I am breeding worms as a supplement and can't find consistent data. Also working on super worms
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  2. azygous

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    It's around 50% protein. Live meal worms are much better and easier to digest than dried, so your chickens will love you for growing them.

    I've gotten quite fond of my meal worms. They're fun to raise.
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  3. Snoozeys

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    Mar 14, 2015
    Chickens wont touch the dry worms but ducks can't get enough of them .. packet says 40% protein
  4. 21hens-incharge

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    Mar 9, 2014
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    Nobody gave mine the memo. My chickens are very happy to gobble the dried worms up.
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    My chickens go nuts over dried meal worms, I have one that jumps in my lap when I sit down with my evening beer just to get the dried meal worms out of the treat bowl.

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  7. rita2paul

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    Aug 31, 2011
    my old girls love ❤️ dried meal worms, grapes, boiled pasta and rice.
  8. Bobby Basham

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    When cooking some rice or pasta, I throw in some peas and/or string beans, corn, some meal worms or small chunks of unsalted cooked meat...and mix in some of their original feed, too. Spruce up that plain rice and pasta!

    I'm single, recently retired and the chickens are one of my projects to keep me occupied. They're still in a big brooder out in the garage. My bad, because they're almost 16 weeks old and my coop is still not done.
    When I peek out there at all hours of the night, they are standing around in complete darkness, softly talking amongst themselves...wish I knew what they were talking about.

    So, here I am at midnight or 2:00am, cooking rice, pasta or whatever with all the above mentioned goodies, hoping they will eventually go into a food coma and get some more sleep. We tend to "humanize" our pets, thinking that their sleeping patterns are the same as ours.

    Now, I make sure that they have eaten all their feed FIRST before any treats. It's as if they left the bar after partying and want to stop at a local all night place and get some grub.

    Anyhoo, mine do eat meal worms, but not in a ravenous manner, so I choose to encorporate them into something else. Maybe having them mixed in with some warm, moist rice or pasta will get them more interested. I like to drizzle some Olive or Canola oil over the pasta to keep it from sticking and maybe easier on their crops.

    That's the only cooking that I do since I've been eating frozen dinners for the last several months. Those gals eat better than me.

    I'm sorry for the essay. I re-read the title of this thread and this was supposed to be the nutritional value of LIVE mealworms. My main issue was to improvise of what's available before embarking on another endeavor that one may not care to invest the time and effort to keep up with.

    Since I have more time now, I've considered raising meal worms and, hopefully, it should be a welcomed addition to their diet.
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  9. Bobby Basham

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    Now that's a way to end the day...sit out in the run and have a cold one while enjoying their company. It takes your mind of all the drama that happened during the day. I like your style!:thumbsup
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  10. nhbradley

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    Apr 18, 2014

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