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    Mine are learning that lesson, too. lol "Rooster Cogburn" (so named by dh) was the original mean one. He would (and still sometimes) walk by a hen nonchalantly, and then quick turn and mount her, totally catching her offguard. It was hysterical to watch!
    We have Canandaigua Wine in town, and they give away large plastic 50 gallon pails. You could just about make a hot tub out of one of these. They are a good half inch thick. It's been perfect. I think they are used to haul the grapes.
    I have only seen one mouse before. I'm sure there's probably been more than that but the chickens must take care of them PDQ.

    My hen with the wounded back is doing beautifully. But now since she's been in the heated garage, I'll have to wait until probably Monday to put her back out with her friends. Too much of a shock going from 75 to 5, huh?
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    I have yet to see a rat!! We have a lot of field mice around here and that's what we've seen around the house and near the shed. I'm hoping that's all l'll have to deal with!
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    While I have no doubt there are still "wild" chickens, there are those who are "feral" and survive quite well on their own. Florida for one has a feral chicken problem. How they got out and survived I don't know, but I have witnessed those responsible for catching them. So I don't believe they've been "ruined" at all.
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    OMG can we drop the ruined thing! By ruined I was refering to diaper wearing chickens, not starting a 4 page session. good lord [​IMG]
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    I have a ceramic heater down in the roost room of the coop right now so that my Japanese Bantams don't freeze to death. It's nailed to a wide square board to act as a stand, and is set very low. The banties are in a dog kennel on the floor with it nearby and a towel over their kennel. Usually I stick my younger Del pullet and my EE cockerel in with them on the branch roost in their own pen to act as living hot water bottles, but it's too cold for that tonight. We went with the ceramic heater because it has a shutoff if it's somehow tipped over (they'd have to pry up the nails, though) and won't break and catch fire like a heat lamp. It's not the least expensive option out there, but it'll do the job!
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    If you've seen my pic I have an outdoor cord run from the garage through the room off the garage, down over the arbor and down the fencing and into the coop. If you look closely you can see the cord haning from a couple of posts on either side of the gate. There are now two hanging since I've added another to put a heated waterer in the front run. From the coop I have one run out of the coop and on that is a cord into the back run to a water heater and white christmas lights around the back garden. My point is it can be done. I use those Three prong plugs to add more cords. Since nothing is a major power draw it seems to work out ok.

    As for feed storage. I keep my scratch in a metal garbage can but you must keep the lid on or mice can climb and get in. My feed is repackaged into the cat jugs which seems to keep the mice out but not squirrels. Which is why I catch them and dispose of them. The jugs are off the ground and inside the runs.


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    Now, now that's just normal. I've had chickens die for no reason and gotten so discouraged I wanted to get rid of them all. I'm just being too sensitive. If you avoid the pitfall of buying from emotion at auctions you'll be fine.

    If you practice good flock management you can keep troubles to a minimum. Know what to look for in healthy birds. Know what to look for in the signs of sick or not so well kept birds. If you aren't going to hatch then buy only from your personally selected individuals.

    There are plenty of folks here who keep a diverse flock or flocks. If they have the breed or breeds you like stick with them to buy replacements. Don't be afraid to refuse a bird or birds if you don't like what you see. Just say I need to think about it then call and say you've changed your mind. Lots of times I'll tell folks who are trying to sell me something, I need to talk to my wife.

    If you remember three things you'll be fine. Clean house, clean food and clean water.

    Remember we're here for you,

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    Who said anything about diaper wearing chickens? I agree things have gotten out of hand. Good garden o' peas there are more opinion than chicken breeds. Apparently smashing your tennis racket will help with frustration. I saw that Williams girl do it and it worked for her. (see the sports news). [​IMG] Back attcha.

    Gotta go CSI is on. [​IMG]
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    I'm sorry I misunderstood you! Sincere apologies. I didn't realize that you meant it like that.

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